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Small Works

C|S|M operates a small works service where we can send in one of our teams to assist with one-off projects. They can help with anything from installing a tea point to reconfiguring an office.
Small Works

What are small works?

Small works are projects in your business that need completing that are too large for a handyman and too small for a full fit out team. They typically range anywhere from £500 to £50,000. The extent of the works depends on the businesses requirements, but typical small works completed by C|S|M include office reconfiguration, room re-decoration and installing air conditioning. It really can be anything that concerns building or refurbishment in your premises.

When should I consider getting small works projects completed?

The thing with small works is that unless it is urgent, you can fit the works in and around your business. It is best to choose a time that is not too busy for your business and if this proves to be too difficult our team can always come in and work out of hours to ensure minimum disruption to your work.

Do I need permission for small works?

Permission is dependent upon what works you are completing and if you have a lease, what is in the lease to allow you to alter the building. It may also be dependent upon building regulations if the changes affect the structure of the building or planning permissions may be required if the building is listed or if external changes are required, for example changing the main signage of a retail outlet or changing the shopfront.

What type of works fall into a small works category?

The list of small works is almost endless, but good examples of recent small works that we have completed include: reconfiguring an office, installing a tea point, painting an office, re configuring the lights in an office, repairing the ceiling in an office, several floor box moves, moving office furniture, repainting a shopfront, flooring repairs, suspended ceiling changes, installing CCTV, fitting TV's or projectors in several rooms and building a new bar.

How do I get a quote for my small works project?

That's the easy part...Just give us a call on 01442 244117 or use this form to drop us a line and we will come out and meet with you to discuss all of your small works requirements.

Why would I contact C|S|M to complete my project?

C|S|M have a vast amount of experience in terms of small works. We have worked with many clients completing many different small work projects.

How long does a small works project take?

Of course that is dependent on the project that we are completing, we will sit with our clients and discuss their requirements in terms of timing both in relation to dates and hours to ensure that business downtime is kept to a minimum and that the works are completed as soon as possible to allow you to continue with what you do best.