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Handyman services

C|S|M operates a handyman / handyperson service where we aim to assist you on a regular basis with any maintenance issues. We can attend site daily, weekly, monthly or annually based on your businesses requirements
Handyman services

What is a handyman?

A handyman or handyperson as they are now known is a member of the C|S|M team that can perform a variety of tasks in terms of office, commercial and building maintenance.

Can I have a handyman visit for a one off task?

Yes, C|S|M offer a handyman in London service for many clients. As we have so many handymen in London everyday, it means that we can ensure that there is always a handyman nearby to be able to assist with individual tasks such as fixing a leaking toilet, or mending a broken lock. We have been asked to complete many reactive maintenance tasks, so by now, nothing phases us.

Why should I consider a regular handyman / handyperson?

You may not have considered a regular handyman in terms of regular property maintenance, but many of our clients have found this service extremely beneficial as they don't have to call every time they need a task completing. Our clients already know when a handyman service swill visit their premises, so they make a list of tasks in advance for the handyman to complete. A regular handyman can visit daily, twice a week, once a week, bi-weekly or perhaps once a month. The regularity of this visit depends on your businesses building maintenance requirements.

What are the benefits of using an external company for regular handyman services?

The benefits of using C|S|M as a regular handyman or handyperson service means that as a company you do not have to employ your own handyman for your property maintenance. This saves you the need to pay National Insurance, deal with holidays, pensions, sickness, updating qualifications and supplying tools and materials. C|S|M can worry about all of those elements, letting you get on with what you do best. C|S|M ensures that all our handymen are fully trained, provided full uniform and the right equipment and tools to complete the jobs you require. Our administration team are available at the end of the phone to assist you, whatever your property maintenance requirements maybe, meaning you don't have to search around on the internet for different companies.

What types of tasks does a regular handyperson do?

The list of tasks that C|S|M handymen services complete in London can be found under our list or works, but to list a few; broken locks, painting, hanging whiteboards, re-lamping, fixing wall scuffs, checks on doors and taps and mending broken tiles are all tasks that our regular handymen will take on.

How do we communicate with the regular handyman to tell them what needs to be completed?

C|S|M operates various communication methods with our clients to ensure that our regular handymen know what tasks they will be completing each week. Some use our IMS (information management system) that allows our clients to enter a task as and when they come up, so when it comes time for our handyman to visit, he or she has a list of tasks to complete in advance. This pre-determined list means that the handymen can pre-order materials and ensure they have the correct tools, ultimately saving time and cost for our clients.

Other clients provide a list by email 48 hours in advance of the handyman completing their regular visit. This ensures that the handyman is aware of their tasks and is able to prepare for their visit.

Why choose C|S|M to supply a handyman service to our company?

C|S|M offers many clients maintenance and handymen service in London and many other main cities in the UK. We service our clients needs to ensure that their buildings are kept maintenance free. Using our regular maintenance or regular handyman service ensures that buildings are kept fresh and helps reduce the risk of emergency maintenance being required.

What happens if one week we don't have any maintenance issues for our regular handyman?

There are many things a regular handyman can complete, one of these is regular checks of the building helping to keep maintenance issues from developing. Our handymen are all trained in checking business premises from top to bottom for leaks, wall scuffs, potential door hanging and lock problems and can perform a full check during any spare time that they have. They can also assist in terms of compliance during any spare time, ensuring that emergency lighting works, identifying if PAT testing is required, examining fire extinguishers and checking if they are out of date etc. and that servicing contracts are up to date etc..

Where do you offer a handyman service?

C|S|M provide regular handymen services to clients all over the UK. The majority of work is focused in London, but we also work in the major cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Reading and we are always happy to expand our offering to other locations in the UK.