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Emergency Maintenance in London

C|S|M offers an emergency service where we aim to attend your premises on the same or next day to rectify any immediate issues.
Emergency Maintenance in London

What is emergency maintenance?

Emergency maintenance is when repairs are required immediately or within 24 hours period because the problem is dangerous, has the potential to harm or stops the business from functioning.

What is classed as an emergency?

Examples of emergencies include floods, bare electrical wires, power failure, unable to access any rooms on the key fobbs, broken front doors, windows smashed and hanging signage.

How does being called out for an emergency work?

As soon as you place the call our alarm bells start ringing. We immediately contact our local handymen to see if they are close to the venue and how quickly they can assist. Once we have allocated the emergency to our nearest person, who has the qualifications, to assist, then they will make their way to the emergency as quickly as possible. Their main aim is to prevent the emergency getting worse, stop the emergency continuing if possible, assist in recommending an action plan to sort out the emergency and doing their best to arrange future works to correct any issues occurring from the emergency.

For example, if there was a flood from a burst pipe, the person who arrives has a main priority to stop any further water coming from the burst pipe, this may mean stabilising the burst pipe to stop the water flow, then once that is complete they can turn their time to arranging to get the burst pipe replaced and dealing with any subsequent issues such as replacing floor tiles and mopping up the water mess.

These subsequent issues may be dealt with straight away or may be arranged at a more convenient time for the business.

What happens once the emergency is solved?

Once the emergency is solved then our team will work on any peripheral issues that are caused by the emergency, they will also contact you and your team to ensure that you are satisfied that the emergency has been contained and is not providing any further issues.

Why should I call C|S|M when I have an emergency?

The simple answer to this question is that C|S|M have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with a seamless service. Why not give us a call and discuss your business and then add our number to your telephone directory for emergency call out. 01442 244117.