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Tea Points in Offices

Tea Points in offices can be supplied easily, efficiently and quickly and allow your teams to keep motivated and providing you with a high level of productivity.
Whoever knew there was such a thing as National Tea day?

Tea Point in Office in London

Not me – until I visited Twitter today enjoying my morning brew and there with it’s hashtag attached was #Nationalteaday.

Who would have guessed that such a drink would be awarded it’s own day – Once again, not me…but then I thought about it, actually it probably does deserve it’s own day, many a business deal, argument, bereavement has been helped by a good cup of tea and I think I have even had my fortune told by them too.

Many friendships are formed with those endearing words “Would you like a cuppa?” so, perhaps I need to give the drink a bit more credit, after all, a lot of our work these days is installing tea points into commercial offices in London, so really, I need to be a bit more grateful to those sacred leaves.

As offices are now promoting open space working and hot desking, access to a cup of tea has become more apparent. Gone are the days of the office junior having to make everyone a cup of tea and traipse 5 flights of floors to the kitchen. Nowadays offices need access to a cuppa more quickly and this can be completed easily from our point of view. A tea point needn’t be more than a couple of kitchen units with a sink and a kettle or a hot tap for those of you with a bit more flair.

Our teams have fitted so many tea points in offices around London that it is almost second nature for us to pop into an office out of hours (as not disturb your working day) fit the new cabinets and sinks, run a water supply and power supply to the kettle and we can be in and out like elves in the night – thankfully none of our team look like elves – they just act like it.

Then all you have to do is supply the Tea, Coffee and Milk and let your staff enjoy the new addition to their office.

It has been reported that completing little things such as a tea point in an office can raise staff productivity and increase motivation.

So now, I believe that there is a place for a National Tea Day, perhaps you will find a new place for a tea point and keep those staff motivated and producing for you at a rate of knots!

Why not get in touch and we can come and take a survey of your building a provide a no obligation quote to put in a tea point.

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