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When it comes to standards, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a private hospital or a NHS hospital.

Standards are such a key element of any healthcare establishment, whether you are sat in an opulent environment with chandeliers and expensive carpet, or sat in a room with plastic chairs, paint and strip lighting.

As a patient, I expect a clean environment where bacteria can't grow.  A clean well kept hospital is key to making me feel the hospital is maintained to a high standard and is safe for me to recover or be treated in.

Let’s consider a few examples of this for patients in general.

The toilets are blocked; This can create a feeling of an unhygienic environment as some people will still continue to use these facilities even when they are blocked.

The Altro flooring is dirty or peeling in an area; Dirt in a healthcare environment does not lend well to managing peoples expectations of cleanliness and raised flooring not only creates a tripping hazard, but also provides a home for lots of bacteria to nest.

Walls are scuffed; Although this doesn’t provide any danger to patients, this creates the impression that the building is not well looked after, and may lead patients to question how well they will be looked after if the building isn’t looked after.

Compliance is another big issue that must be considered in Healthcare establishments. As these premises are dealing with the general public, and therefore must been seen to comply to all legislation relating to their buildings and ensure that all electrical, water and other facilities meet the current requirements.

Refurbishment fit out in healthcare in londonFor example, the testing of emergency lighting is essential and must be completed at regular intervals. PAT testing on all electrical components must be completed annually and fixed wire testing must be completed every 5 years. Water testing must also be carried out, especially to ensure that legionella’s disease is kept at bay. Water must be tested on a regular basis to keep patients safe from any further disease during their stay in hospital.

There are also a number of ways that healthcare buildings can save energy. The use of PIR lighting and re lamping with long life bulbs helps keeps costs down, which is ultimately tax payers money.

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