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What is involved in small refurbishment projects?

It depends on the amount of works needed. If the project is significant it can often lead to temporary relocation of employees to ensure they can continue to work whilst the works are completed as quickly as possible, other works can be completed whilst employees remain in situ during the evening and weekends.

C|S|M, a maintenance contractor in London, and C and S Ltd can offer you a full refit or refurbishment service as well as regular maintenance works and a compliance service.

Many people ask us if they can stay during refurbishment works and so we thought we would post a few pictures to show you the level of involvement of some of our refurbishments.

Pimlico DentalAs you can see from this photo, works can get rather messy, so at times it is best to relocate your staff. Of course there are many small works projects we have completed without the need to relocate staff.

Perhaps, if you are considering a refurbishment or small works project, it is worth investing in the services of an architect to ensure that your works are considered in great detail before works commence.

Once we have a set of plans we can work with you, to plan and ensure that every step of the works is considered carefully. We have been working with many clients for many years and have a great deal of experience and knowledge in what we do, so we can be pretty helpful when it comes to planning your works to ensure minimum impact on your business.

There is always the option of us working in the evenings and weekends to ensure that disturbance to your business is kept to a minimum.

By ensuring maximum communication at all times we can ensure that staff and our teams are always kept up to date with progress and any alterations to plans that may be required.

Small works can range from anything to removing a partition wall, to installing a new doorway, to complete office reconfiguration. Which means there can be a big difference in the amount of work required.

Perhaps we can help you with the planning and completion of some small works in your office? Or perhaps you would like to use our regular handyman service?

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