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Water Hygiene Treatment

Water Hygiene Treatment to ensure that your office is supplying safe drinking water. Perhaps you could make it part of your pre planned maintenance schedule.

We all want peace of mind that water in our buildings is safe to drink.

Good water hygiene management is an essential element of workplace compliance. C|S|M offer water sampling and testing to combat the threat of Legionella disease.

The quality of water in your premises is yours and your landlords responsibility. It is covered by legislation such as; The Water Supply (Water Quality) and Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare), Regulations.

Understanding the systems and services that this water serves is another important element in assessing the quality of water.- This includes pumps, tanks, valves, pipes and outlets -  Other factors include temperature, chemical control, hardness, conductivity and pH levels.

Our water quality services include:

  • Water quality testing (drinking, domestic, process and legionella)
  • Management policies, reviews and systems
  • Hygiene and quality assessments
  • Water hygiene training

Legionella control monitoring tasks carried out includes;

  • Weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets
  • Monthly temperature test results of outlets
  • Quarterly descaling of shower-heads and spray-taps
  • Annual water storage tank inspection
  • Annual inspection of calorifiers
  • Bi-annual legionella risk assessment review
  • Temperatures and conditions compared with parameters detailed in ACOP L8.

Did you know we offer a regular handyman service too and pre planned maintenance schedule, which we could include water testing in.