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Maintenance for retailers in London

It is a challenge to be a retailer in London, ensuring that your stores are as welcoming as possible is key to a great customer experience and in order to encourage them to purchase your goods. With so much competition in London it is difficult to understand how you can stand out from the crowd - without going mad and sticking a car on the front of your store!

It has been proved that the environment in which a shopper browses for goods, has a direct impact on sales. Not only does this mean that retail premises have to be up to date, welcoming and at exactly the right temperature, it also means that once the shop has been refurbished to ensure that this experience is offered, that it is maintained in such a state.

Cutler and Gross Shop fit outBroken floor tiles and difficult doors and broken counters all put up barriers to a consumers total experience of a store and may discourage them to buy.

C|S|M not only offers a full refit package, but we can also ensure that your premises are kept fresh and can assist in maximising sales.

Preventative maintenance offers a service that ensures that your premises doesn't even reach a point of disappointment to your customers. A regular handyman service can help to ensure that all elements of your building are maintained in pristine condition preventing future cost and downtime in complicated maintenance repairs if problems are left.

Deep cleaning and regular servicing prevents air conditioning from breaking down or floors from becoming loose and dangerous to your customers.

A simple checklist for both regular maintenance and annual maintenance helps to ensure that your premises remains in top condition, there are also many compliance issues to think about when it comes to maintaining a building in London.

As the owner or manager of a building you have the responsibility to ensure that the building is suitable for both your employees and customers in terms of everything in the building being safe and compliant.

The worst way for it to be discovered that your premises is not compliant is if there were to be an accident. You wouldn't want to be to blame for your premises not being compliant with the current regulations. There may be significant consequences.

To see a list of all of the regulations and laws that we are all expected to follow if we lease or own a building please click here.

I'm not sure there is any reason not to invest in the maintenance of your property, the lose of sales will far outweigh the cost of regular maintenance.

Why not get in touch - we can come and meet with you to discuss all of your regular needs. Our range of services include regular handyman services, re lamping, air conditioning services, whiteboard hanging and floor box moves.