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President of China's visit is a success with the help of C|S|M

When the president of China visited Huawei in Bishopsgate, little did he know about all of the works that had been going on behind the scenes to ensure that his visit was as smooth as possible, but the team at C|S|M were well aware of the pressures of ensuring the building was transformed in the space of a week to accommodate his visit.

The C|S|M team had to completely dismantle a number of offices to allow for a large open space to greet the President of China and David Cameron during his recent visit to the UK. Given only 1 week to move people from their offices and create this open plan space, the challenge for C|S|M was working in a live office, whilst removing walls and fixing ceilings and carpet tiles to make it look like the offices had never been there. Then once the very successful visit had taken place, C|S|M had to replace all of the offices and have them working again as soon as possible.

Huawei currently lease space from i2 serviced offices in Bishopsgate. The results achieved were not only of benefit to the whole of the UK as they allowed the president or China and our Prime Minister to easily view Huawei's offices and created a bond for the future of the countries, but also the the teams involved directly including i2 who C|S|M work very closely with. In fact i2's MD was so pleased with the result he wrote to thank the team.

"Huawei are extremely happy as a result of the collective ability of our teams to deliver this urgent solution. It is a great credit to you and your team that this was delivered in a manner that has left the client with such a positive view of both i2Office and our support network.Sincerely, thank you. Regards,

Chris Dodd, Managing Director, i2 serviced offices."

President of China's visit to HuaweiThe chinese embassy reported on the visit to Huawei UK from President Xi Jinping that was on October 21st at 4.40pm.

The chinese president was warmly received by the Huawei staff and he listened to a report on the development of Huawei in the UK.

He was extremely positive on Huawei's active promotion of conceptual innovation and organizational innovation.  Xi Jinping also visited the Huawei's exhibition hall o and watched the display of manipulators and terminal products. He also spoke with many of the employees who look after invention and design, asking them relevant questions to the development of Huawei in the UK.

Many of the staff came out to welcome the President of China and to have their photo taken with him, which was well received by the President.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others accompanied Xi Jinping during the visit.

The visit from the President was well documented and reported by many news channels. For more information on the presidents visit why not take a look at this video.

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