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Maintenance in dental practices

No two dental practices are the same, there's a range of building types and ages and they all have their own personalities and anomalies. There are many issues that can occur in old buildings from damp to flaking paint, all of which are not pleasant for customers to see. Even in modern buildings you may experience air conditioning problems or leaking pipes.

There are many issues that can occur almost on a daily basis no matter what building your dental practice is in. C|S|M have worked in both modern and listed buildings and they all come with different characteristics when it comes to maintenance and handymen works.

Debntal refurbishment or maintenance works in LondonPerhaps a way to get over such issues (that will be affecting your customers experience and therefore your business in terms of repeat custom and sales) is to implement a regular service and maintenance schedule, where you ensure that all reactive and pro active maintenance is completed on a regular basis.

Dental practices have a high volume of clients through the door and walking around their sites, so flooring can become worn quickly. C|S|M offer a service to keep your floors looking fresh and clean, albeit a deep clean on the altro safety floor or replacing carpet tiles in the reception and waiting area, it is not difficult or time consuming for our team to keep your premises looking fresh and it's probably not as expensive as you may think.

Wall and ceilings: It is very important to give the impression to your clients that your site is clean and hygienic, after all they are trusting you with their teeth. C|S|M can clean or repaint walls that have become tired or stained. This will ensure that your clients first impression is a good one everytime.

Cabinetry and reception desks can also start to look tired or their doors may start to become loose or handles and locks become broken. This is very common in dental practices as they are used more often that a standard kitchen cabinet and are therefore more prone to maintenance requirements.

Our C|S|M handymen can fix these issues for you easily and effectively and with minimum fuss. We can work during surgery hours or outside of your working day to ensure minimum disruption to your day.

Why not let C|S|M keep you customers happy in a way that they themselves don't even know. Our range of services include re lamping, regular handyman services, floor box moves, whiteboard hanging and air conditioning services.