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Handymen in London - What do they get up to?

Handymen in London get up to all kinds of different things and it is all dependent on our clients. We have a list of tasks that we can complete but sometimes we have to do some things a little out of the ordinary. Office Handyman in London

Our handymen are always in London and you'd be amazed at some of the things we get asked to complete. We generally work in offices, retail, hair salons, nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

We have been asked to complete regular office handyman days and small fit outs and these are the type of quotes we comp0lete everyday.

Floor box moves and re lamping are a favourite for us, after all, our teams know everything there is to know about moving a floor box and can attend a site and move a floor box quickly and efficiently without disruption to anyone's day.

Furniture dismantling, Furniture removal, furniture fitting in LondonWith today's offices being designed as they are, we have also been asked to create live walls from plants, install waterfalls into rooms, showers and indoor bike racks, concrete rooms and we have even been asked to chase down mice and patch up the holes.

A day in our offices is not as straight forward as you may think. We are asked to quote for all kinds of services, from air conditioning servicing to repainting a room to a list of tasks for our office handyman in London to complete on one of their regular handyman days.

London is a big place, and lots of companies work from very expensive offices, all of which need maintaining to their high standard. C|S|M is a company that can ensure that not only the high end offices in London are cared for, but also some of the not so extravagant offices are maintained. Most offices are rented under lease and most of these leases include clauses that the tenant is responsible for the maintenance and up keep of the building. This can be a daunting clause if you do not have a company in place to assist with these works. Our office handyman in London service can assist and ensure that this clause is not a problem and in fact it can be much easier to abide to than you may think.

There are also a number of office compliances that the government insist on both in terms of legislation and recommendation and C|S|M can assist in ensuring that you company albeit an office, a retail outlet or a bar or nightclub remain complaint in terms of looking after your staff from a health and safety perspective.

Floor repairs, carpet tile replacement in LondonOur Office handyman in London service is very efficient, we always return a call on the same day to ensure that an initial enquiry is dealt with as soon as possible then we send one of team out to meet you or provide you a quote based on the information you have supplied. As soon as you give us the go ahead are teams come to site complete the task or tasks that have been requested and we leave your premises looking sparkling and new.

C|S|M Work in Commercial Maintenance. We are a building maintenance company in London.