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Floorbox relocation

If you are looking to move some floor boxes in your office then C|S|M can help. It maybe that you are moving some desks around and re configuring your office, or you may want a light to be positioned away from a wall and need some electrical sockets in the floor. Whatever the reason for you wanting to move a floor box, C|S|M can help. We can work out of hours to ensure minimum disruption to your business and we can offer guidance on which type of box you may require. This article helps answer some of those questions that you may be asking yourself about moving floor boxes.

Office floor box relocation to accompany desk moves and employee changes.

What is a floor box, electrical floor socket or floor plug?

A floor box is an electrical box that is placed into the floor. Many offices, restaurant, retail and commercial properties have floors that are raised, these may be called a sub floor. These floors allow for electrical boxes to be fitted into them allowing the top of the electrical box to fit flush with the flooring. They are mainly used in offices to allow data ports and electrical items such as computers to be plugged in near to desks, whether that be in the middle of the office or near a wall. They are particularly important as technology progresses and office personnel demand more flexible working conditions, resulting in office space changes i.e. providing hot desking and a more relaxed environment.

This photo shows a sub floor being installed in a recent fit out that was completed by C and S Ltd. You can see that the floor allows enough space for all of the electrical cables to be passed underneath it, and enough space for floor boxes to be fitted.

Moving a floor box

Examples of when floor boxes are used.

There are many reasons that floor boxes may be required in a commercial premises. Floor boxes can be used to provide data and electrical supplies for desks situated away from walls, lights that need to be in designated locations, data cabling allowing internet access to designated areas and electrical points for the cleaners hoovers in large areas.

Are there different types of floor boxes?

There are several different types of floor boxes; plastic, carpet tile, concrete, wooden floor, brass covered, metal covered, data ports, electrical ports, pop up, slide and flip over. With such a range of floor boxes, it is hard to know which one to choose, but one of C|S|M's regular handymen can help you make the right choice based on your business activities.

Why would you move a floor box?

Office re-configuration and office moves often cause floor boxes to become unavailable or located too far away from desks, leaving workstations with insufficient data and electrical outlets to complete their work. This would be a very good reason to move a floor box. However not only does it allow your employees to continue to work, but it allow ensures that you are remaining compliant in terms of health and safety. These days it is not sufficient to leave a long trail of cable with duct tape attached to it to hold the cable down to the floor.

Why should I get floor boxes moved when re configuring our business/offices?

Health and safety is a legal requirement in offices and commercial premises and there is a need for employers to minimise slips, trips and falls in the workplace and create a safe working environment for employees. The use of floor boxes ensures that these hazards are kept to a minimum. There is also a need to ensure that sockets do not become overloaded in terms of extension cables and therefore by adding more electrical floor boxes, this problem can be overcome.

How can I get a floor box moved?

C|S|M's floor box relocation service provides new data cable and electrical cabling to floor boxes. It also offers moving floor boxes and replacing and cutting to fit floor carpet tiling, or the floor surface that your offices may have.

Our maintenance and small works service specialises in successful IT relocation. We work closely with our clients in order to provide integrated services that minimises the downtime and causes minimal disruption to the day-to-day business operations.

What effect would moving floor boxes have on our office working day?Raised floor up for floor boxes

C|S|M can work out of hours to move floor boxes ensuring that you you can continue with your business as usual. One of our Handymen can come to your office at closing time and complete the moves over night to ensure that you are fully functioning by the following day. Our team are like 'the elves in the night' keeping the cogs turning on your business.

How long will moving a floor box take?

The process of moving a floor box is relatively straight forward. It involves turning off the electrics and removing the floor box from it's current location. This may involve up lifting some carpet tiles, vinyl or wooden flooring. Once in it's new location, the flooring in this new position will need to be uplifted and the new box attached to electrical cables if they are already in the location under the floor or the electrical cables may need to be extended to incorporate the new floor box.  The new box is then cut into the sub floor and is then connected up to the electrical cable. Finally the front plate is fixed flush to the floor and the socket is tested that it is working. The floor is then repaired where the new box is located and where the old box was once positioned. The process is not time consuming but may cause a slight inconvenience with the electrics being removed for a short time. C|S|M therefore recommend that you complete this outside of office hours to ensure minimum disruption.

This short you tube video shows you what is involved in a floor box move. Just one of our office alteration services.


"We've just moved into a new office and need some floor boxes moving"

Our team can also provide full cabling roll-out to compliment your business relocation or premises refurbishment. We have the knowledge and ability to install or extend new power cables, move floor boxes and assist with data cabling installations.

Floor box under deskOur experienced pre planned maintenance team are trained to assist with relocation projects and can provide ongoing support in terms of office maintenance. C|S|M can project manage any relocation project and also provide new system installation. We offer floor box relocation, under –floor cabling solutions and desk cable and structured cabling system.

How do I get someone to give me a quote for floor box moves?

Please give us a call if you require any floor boxes relocated or drop us an . C|S|M can provide you with a fast quote for moving floor boxes, electrical floor plugs and floor data ports in fact many items of office maintenance in London. Our building maintenance team can offer value for money and a speedy service.We could complete this on a one off handyman day with our handyman or handyperson days in London that we offer.