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Drainage Issues/Blockages

C|S|M services include works to blocked toilets, sinks, even drain repairs and drain patch lining. C|S|M's team are fully capable of identifying the most common and probable causes of blockages. There are many causes of blockages. Why not call C|S|M on a maintenance handyman day, instead of an emergency call out! Then keep them clear with our regular handyman service.

Trees and leaves
When Autumn sets in, leaves fall from the trees and often directly into the drains or gutters of offices, restaurants and retail establishments. If you ensure these leaves are removed you can keep your premises free of debris and leaves helping to stop the issue of blocked drains. Leaves are not the only problem, tree roots which are always after a drink may head for pipes where water flows to relieve their thirst. This may lead to pipes cracking or growth into pipes, causing a blockage.

Grease and fat
This is one of the most common causes of blockages in pipes, fatty substances such as butter and meat fat build up on the inside of the pipes to such a degree that it limits the water passing through and blocks the pipes causing not only a bad smell but excess water which is difficult to get rid of. It is easy to prevent. Simple rules about what your staff can and cant put down the sink will help to prevent this.

Foreign objects
Foreign objects or materials such as soaps, fats or food build up and become caught in the drainpipe. Initially the material may not fully block the drain, but over time materials will continue to collect which will prevent water from flowing freely and could eventually cause the drain to block. Toilets are regularly blocked up due to nappies, toys, sanitary items and too much toilet paper being flushed down them.

If you find that any of the above are happening on your premises then please give us a call, or let us keep your drains in perfect working order so there is never any need to worry with the use of the C|S|M regular maintenance service. After all  as they say 'Prevention is better than having to find a cure'.

For further information on blocked drains why not visit our list of works page where you can watch a video of CCTV tracking a blocked drain. We may even be able to offer this service on an office handyman day in London.