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Beginners Guide to maintenance and small works for a company.

Maintenance and small works is not such a big task if you complete it regularly with our free maintenance checklist.

So, you’ve been given the task of looking after maintenance and small projects as an addition to your job description.

That can be a time consuming task and often one that gets in the way of all of the other jobs that you are tasked with doing.

What would really help was if there was a company that could provide you with a free checklist that takes only 10 minutes a week to run through, so issues can be identified quickly and regularly.

Well there is a company and it’s us. C|S|M cannot only offer you a free weekly checklist that you can download, but also if there are any works required as a result of the checklist, we can offer a handyman service at an extremely competitive rate. Only £150+VAT for a half day and £250+ Vat for a full day.

So what is on this checklist that is so important?

A whole list of things to ensure that your company remains compliant and ensures that your teams remain motivated and your brand stays fresh.

Lighting and Electrics:

Floor repairs, carpet tile replacement in LondonLighting :– Are there any light bulbs in need of replacing? This may be able to be completed in house, or a specialist may be required to access the lights at high level.

Floor boxes: - Are floor boxes exposed and require moving, or, are they all tucked under desks where they should be? Exposed floor boxes may result in a tripping hazard or may be subject to liquid spills if someone is carrying the morning supply of tea over them.

Paint scuffs :- occur regularly and are inevitable in any building where there is a great deal of people traffic. Keeping these scuffs fixed and freshly painted helps to maintain staff confidence in their employers and ensures the companies brand is maintained and kept fresh.

Bathrooms:- Broken tiles, toilet seats, loose plumbing, incorrectly fixed mirrors, towel holders  and toilet roll holders can be frustrating for staff, especially if they have been in the same state for sometime.

Tea Points:-  It’s good to keep these areas clean and hygienic. We can even help with loose or sticking cupboard doors. We can add a tea point to areas that require an alternative location for making the tea and coffee, latte, cappuccino or whichever type of drinks your employees love at break time.

Whiteboard hanging in London with level on topWhiteboard, Picture Hanging ,TV hanging:- There are often situations where a new whiteboard, pinboard or notice board needs hanging and our team can come along and hang these for you. We can also ensure pictures are hung level and straight and exactly where you want them.

TV’s are used in lots of companies, as are monitors that you would like put up in the meeting room, or perhaps in the waiting area of your reception. There are many reasons to need a TV or monitor putting up on the wall. Perhaps C|S|M could help you to install your TV or monitor.

Air Vents/Ducting:- Often the circulation of air is restricted by dust clogging up the vents, affecting the temperature and therefore often the mood of many employees in the building. By simply hoovering these vents, any blockages are cleared and, dust is removed from the area, assisting in the reduction of the dust in the office in general.

Broken light switches/trunking:-Lots of things get broken in offices. If a light switch box or the trunking that allows wires to be feed around the room gets broken then it will require replacement. It is easy for one of our team to come to your offices and switch over any broken elements with ease and with very little disruption to your day.

Coat Hanger fixing/bike racks on the walls:- The clutter in an office can range from bikes being parked in hallways, to coats draping off the back of employees chairs, to wet umbrella stuck in the corner of the room. We can help by fitting internal bike racks to the walls or coat hooks to allow for storage for some of your office clutter, keeping everyone happy and wanting to work in the clean environment.

So, even if you have been given the task of sorting out the office maintenance and small works projects, you can now see that it’s not such a bad task, especially if you use the services of C|S|M. We can come in for half a day or a full day and assist in completing all of your office maintenance requirements. It’s just a 10 minute checklist followed by one phone call to 0800 917 7094 and then it’s not such a tough addition to your workload, maybe even advantageous as you can add it to your CV!

C|S|M for all your office maintenance and compliance needs in London.