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An office to motivate the team.

We frequently hear of the latest Google offices or how the introduction of the slide in the workplace helps improve staff morale, but not all offices can afford such radical changes in their offices. How to change an office to help improve staff morale and employee loyalty on a low budget. It's not difficult with our office handyman service in London.


The answer to this lies in what motivates staff.

Although you may think the obvious answer is money, studies have proven that this method of motivation is short lived and that praise, responsibility, working conditions and trust have much greater longevity in terms of maintaining high staff morale.

So what can you do to ensure your employees want to work hard and remain loyal?

1)      Help them to see why their work is important – the implementation of idea paint (a paint that allows you to use a wall as a whiteboard) will allow you to draw a diagram on the wall of where there role fits into the cogs of the company and why it is so important.

2)      Stick a vinyl mission statement on the wall so employees can always see what they are working towards.

3)      Flip the hierarchy chart to show why people like the cleaners/maintenance team are key to smooth running of the office.

4)      Make the work environment fun, happy and clean

  1. Colour on walls – it’s amazing how a brightly coloured wall can cheer up an employee.
  2. Special breakfast meetings with croissants and smoothies – What a treat!
  3. Making sure all the equipment is working and staff work stations are correct in terms of ergonomics.
  4. Put up a staff board for fun pins.
  5. Popcorn Machine, Coffee Maker, installation of a contemporary tea point.
  6. Phone call area for staff to take phone calls from clients on mobiles and not disturb other staff.

5)      Add a chill out area.  Most offices staff head out at lunchtime, why not encourage them to stay in and make their lunchtime area more desirable with Wi fi and bench seating. If you have access to an outside area, it needs to be usable in all weathers.

6)      Getting in “The Zone”

  1. Create a “Zone” area – simple change in carpet tile colour or painted area on the wall.
  2. 10 minute meetings in “The Zone” to get employees clear on their direction and to get them in “the zone”.

7)      Communication

  1. Listen to their needs

                                                    i.      Is the office too hot?

                                                  ii.      Is part of the floor dirty or raised with a tripping hazard?

                                                iii.      Are the blinds old and mouldy?

                                                iv.      Is the sun glaring in?

                                                  v.      Do they have enough privacy to work?

All of these factors will help you to develop a motivated and loyal team and as they are only small changes, perhaps they wont cost as much as you may think. C|S|M , a subsidiary of C and S Ltd can offer these small transformations to your office. Why not give us a call, after all it’s only £150 + Vat for a half day for a handyman and £250 + Vat  for the day, and we can get a lot done in one day, or perhaps we could spread it out over a few days to ensure that we work around you with our regular handyman in London service.

Why not give us a call on 01442 244117. C|S|M specialise in Commercial Maintenance. We are a building maintenance company in London.

We look forward to helping you convert your offices into a motivating and desirable place to work.