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Whiteboard Hanging Services in London

Our C|S|M handymen have fitted all kinds of Whiteboards throughout London – simple whiteboard hanging through to bespoke back painted glass items requiring more than a one person lift, so we can easily adapt and add extra staff to any project should that be necessary.

Whiteboard hanging in LondonWall hanging pegs supplied with whiteboard panels are normally stainless steel but other colours are generally available. Pegs are then adapted to suit the wall finish into which it will be fixed; usually wood paneling, plasterboard, masonry or concrete.

 Types of whiteboard

As with everything we need there is something to suit our business requirements these days, and this applies as much to Whiteboards as anything else and our team of experienced hangers are able to work with them all. The different types include:

Custom made Whiteboards – our team offers custom made whiteboards to suit your needs.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards - Teaching practices in schools, universities and business are changing rapidly due to digital interactive technology. No more chalk dust! This is classroom instruction with the benefits of computer technology without tying anyone down behind a computer.

Freestanding Whiteboards – again, our team can tailor these to your requirements and the only restriction is the size of your room.

Modular whiteboards which are designed to cover virtually every area are extremely handy for classroom use.

Finally, our team of fitters will happily hang your own Whiteboards – you do not always have to buy new.

Will Whiteboard hanging disrupt your working day?

Very doubtful though it is possible our fitters may need to access an area which means moving a desk for a short period. Our fitting teams are very experienced and work to maximum efficiency to avoid any disruption.Our handyperson's are very efficient and disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Should there be a question of disruption to work then please liaise with our team who are happy to work outside normal hours

Why not take a look at how a white board is removed:


How much notice do I need to give before hanging can commence?

A notice period of 48 hours please

Benefits of having Whiteboards

Whiteboards are most useful items in more or less any working environment and keep staff up to speed with unfolding events applicable to them.

Briefly, Whiteboards are a great way to improve your brand awareness, and interactive Whiteboards with videos are also especially useful for that as well as being a superb tool for getting across whatever message you have to impart on any subject at any time. Used properly these can be used to increase your website traffic too. More traffic = more potential sales.

Whiteboards are the notice boards of the present, and the future.