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WC Refurbishments

C|S|M is the company to contact for WC and Washroom refurbishments in London. We specialise in full ‘turnkey’ services, which can take your project through from design to final installation, offering cost effective, distinctive and unique washroom solutions. These type of WC alterations are completed by C|S|M on a regular basis in many offices in London.

WC refurbishment in London officesWe pride ourselves on being easy to work with and adaptable, adopting a ‘can do’ approach which in turn, allows us to select and adapt products to suit specific requirements, whilst adhering to project timescales.

C|S|M are fully committed to our customers and offer a clean and considered solution to your WC & Washroom refurbishment needs.

Now not all WC’s and Washrooms in need of refurbishment are in offices by any means, and some in the heavier industries are subjected to a certain amount of “hammer” by virtue of the fact they have so many “visitors” in any given day, and because of that they deserve our special attention.

Yes, we specialise in providing superbly presented and refurbished WC and Washrooms which, by the time we have finished working on them will look like new. Of course we don’t just cater for the large commercial companies for these refurbs, we also provide for all types of industry throughout London and examples of these are schools, hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries, health clinics offices, factories, shops, leisure centres and many more.

What does a WC refurbishment entail?

Well first of all may we say that C|S|M offer the most cost effective and environmentally friendly washroom refurbishment solution to reduce ongoing costs and water usage, working with your input to ultimately reduce carbon emissions. In other words we can and will supply you with a “Green” WC.

We have dedicated teams of electricians, plumbers and carpenters, all of whom are qualified, time served and experienced, and after our initial discussion and the design having been approved it is they who will rebuild your Washroom from top to bottom. That means there is no need for you to engage the services of any third party suppliers as C|S|M does all their work for you.

Energy efficient products

It isn’t just gas and electricity that cost business a small fortune, water does too, and when we always suggest installing dual flush WC cistern which flushes on either 4 or 2.6 litres of water. This could give you a nice little saving of up to 52%.

In busy workplaces we may suggest you install waterless urinals which don’t use water to flush, and this alone has the effect of reducing overall commercial washroom consumption by 20%.

There are also some electronic commercial washroom water management solutions that ensure water is only used when required so you might even consider something on these lines in your refurb.

You may consider employing commercial washroom water mixers fitted with regulators which reduce the water flow rate down to 5 litres per minute, and possibly infra red taps which feature CLICK technology.

There are various makes and models of non-concussive commercial taps which stop water flow after a pre-set time. They alone can save up to 15% of your Washroom water usage.

We would also suggest the latest in hand dryer technology which can produce up to 72% less CO2 than earlier brands. Used within a commercial washroom environment that could tot up to a significant saving.

General WC fittings

Washroom mirrors: There are masses of 100% shatterproof acrylic safety mirrors on the market which include stylish mirrors suitable for many of the commercial sectors.

As a matter of course we can remove the jaded old toilet roll and soap dispensers and replace them with more modern units.

Vanity units: The marketplace is flooded with the various types, shapes and laminates which make up the modern vanity units fitted in commercial buildings, offices and educational buildings these days. We suggest that you liaise with our experts about these variations which include:

High pressure laminate (HPL) – flexible, economical with a moisture resistant core faced with high pressure laminate which provide seamless joints.

Solid grade laminate (SGL) - water and impact resistant which are highly durable and ideal for tough hardworking washrooms.

There are other types of course which include an advance composite solid surface that can be machined and formed to create virtually any shape.

Or should you wish to push the boat out there is also a range of polished granite surfaces including engineered natural quartz, glass effect and resins which have the appearance of natural stone.

Toilets & toilet cubicles

To have wash basins, taps and toilets you must have piping and quite often this is unsightly so our engineers at C|S|M always conceal as much of it as humanly possible

Cubicle panelling can be supplied half or full height to match the toilet cubicles.

All panels are fully removable to allow full access for routine maintenance and access to any other services without having to remove the toilet cubicles.

When it comes to toilets then you are faced with quite a choice, including Back to wall models, wall hung, high and low fittings to suit all heights of users.

Your company WC’s and washrooms are integral and often highly used spaces visited daily by staff and possibly visitors alike, and because of the latter they require durable commercial floor coatings that can resist daily wear-and-tear, as well as harsh chemical cleaners.

C|S|M can help you choose the best materials to suit your needs as well as supplying and fitting them for you.

Disruption to your normal working day

Yes, we can confidently say that there will be some disruption though how much depends on precisely what you have done. Where disruption to normal working is a certainty we always offer the option of having the work done outside normal business hours – in the evenings or at weekends.

Please note that all work done by C|S|M is carried out by professional tradespeople who have much experience in their particular area of work. Again, all work done by our handymen complies with the relevant laws which govern their jobs.

We sincerely hope you will contact us to discuss your forthcoming plans to refurbish your WC and washroom and we suggest initially that our team visits you to discuss more fully and provide a comprehensive design.