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Water treatment

Some parts of the country, and this includes the London region, are classed as ‘water stressed’. This means that if users carry on using the same amount of water, or more, there is a risk that in the future there may not be enough to go around.

At this point we would like to quote directly from the Thames website which states, ”Baths, showers, washing up, cleaning clothes and flushing the toilet all use large amounts of water. Once you have used the water, it turns into ‘wastewater’, which we then collect, transport, treat and return safely back to the environment.”

Does that sound healthy to you? We are sure it must be, but just to be on the safe side C|S|M have a specialist team of experts who monitor water quality in company water systems throughout London. We are heavily involved in water system maintenance designed to achieve trouble free operation of the water services in most buildings including industries such as: hospitals, healthcare, hotel & hospitality, gyms as well as factories, offices and most work places.

C|S|M completes routine monitoring of all systems via periodic site visits. As part of the site visit, the systems are sampled and tested to establish that the correct levels of water treatment chemicals are maintained within them, ensuring the delivery of a healthy and effective system.

Our team specialises in providing comprehensive water treatment services to ensure that your premises have clean, healthy and efficiently running water all year round.

The provision of high quality plumbing and water management systems is absolutely vital in any school, commercial or industrial site. Unless managed correctly and safely, these systems can present a wide range of health, safety and financial issues.

We provide most extensive water treatment services

The services we provide far exceed just testing and taking water samples, and as part of our comprehensive water treatment programmes we perform the following:

The provision of company logbooks

Cold water tank chlorination and cleaning

ACOP L8 Legionella risk assessments

Primary and secondary water system analysis,

Dosage of primary system with inhibitors and/or cleaning agents

Hot water cylinder and calorifier de-scaling

Supplying of necessary chemicals

Bacteriological analysis, testing and feedback

Our highly experienced and qualified engineers also have the expertise to provide several additional and specialist water treatment services, including cold water tank installations, renovations and re-lining, cold water tank extraction, fitting of ventilation breathers, lids and screens and the removal of dead legs and pipework dead ends.

Peace of mind 

By having your water systems regularly maintained and checked, you will enjoy peace of mind and avoid the following:

Water quality issues

Corrosion & scale

Treating for bacterial formation & suspension of solids

Failure to meet current legislation

Environmental constraints

Health and safety risks that come with unhygienic and dirty water

Clear and concise risk assessments

C|S|M provide very competitively priced risk assessments, to ACOP L8 and Legionella Control Association standards.

These assessments give a thorough and highly detailed evaluation of your water systems and identify any underlying issues within your buildings.

So please give us a call at C|S|M where our professional staff will you offer guidance and a free site visit to initiate routine checks and maintenance of your water system.

It might interest you to know that we also service air conditioning units.