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Water temperature testing

There is more than one good reason for having the water temperature tested routinely at your place of work – one is to assist you in reducing energy costs and another, quite different reason, is to assist your company to reduce the risk of a Legionella outbreak, something which could present a huge financial risk to your company.

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, has experts in both these areas, and we offer you the opportunity of contacting us for an arranged, free site visit to discuss either or both of the above.

Most of us are well aware that the supply and distribution of hot water throughout your company building takes a significant proportion of the buildings’ energy usage, and in this we are able to offer our help and expertise in reducing your outgoings.

C|S|M can, with the combination of hot water maintenance and good thermal insulation, reduce the amount of pipework required to supply the hot water, remove the need to 'heat' and then 're-heat' the water as required by a flow and return system.

It follows, therefore, that this will also reduce the power needed to heat the water, and this combination can massively reduce your energy use, and as a result will reduce your energy expenses. We can also reduce the amount of water wasted whilst waiting for the hot water to reach the outlet. C-S-M are able to assist in aiding the reduction of building energy costs through these methods.

There is little doubt that we as a nation take hot and cold water delivery as a right, something which has always been there and we assume always will be, on tap, as it were. But there are hidden health risks involved here which are rarely, if ever thought of by the vast majority of users.

How hot or cold should the water in our system be?

Whilst we are able to to assist in aiding the reduction of building energy costs through the methods stated above, we are also very conscious of the threat of Legionella – something rarely brought to mind but which is ever lurking in the background of many a company’s water system.

To minimize bacteria contamination, water must be stored at 60 C or higher. For example, temperatures under 50 C may increase the risk of Legionnaires' disease, a potentially deadly form of pneumonia which is due to bacterial growth in the storage tank. Could the bacteria be alive and well and living in your water tank?

These bacteria multiply if water temperatures get down to between 20-45°C as this is where their nutrients are available. The same bacteria are in a dormant state below 20°C, nor do they survive above 60°C.

Optimal water temperatures, therefore, need to be set higher than at which bacteria can survive but lower than the heat which would scald the user.

Peace of mind for you and your employees

Call us and a C|S|M team member will willingly call to discuss any issues you have regarding water temperature testing, pipework and insulation of your system.

We can also offer you peace of mind should you have concerns about bacteria in your system, and our experts can advise you as to the best course should any action need to be taken.

Will there be any disruption to normal working?

As far as routine sample and temperature taking are concerned any disruption will be minimal and you will hardly notice our staff are on your premises.

However, should there be a need for pipework alteration and/or more insulation, and especially if there is a significant amount of bacteria found to be present then there could be a far higher amount of disruption. That being the case, we suggest you liaise with our team and request any work done is carried out outside normal working hours – evenings and weekends. Why not ask us to complete some other maintenance whilst we are there - for example, an air conditioning service.

C|S|M can help all your office maintenance and small works needs.