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Water hygiene testing

Here at C|S|M we have a team of specialists who provide water hygiene monitoring and testing for business throughout London. When we mention “business” in this instance we naturally include offices, workshops, hospitals, health clinics, shops and pretty much all company premises which are outside the domestic domain.

Our water testing team at C|S|M take a particular interest monitoring the safety of water systems and in particular the risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria.

We work with you to assist in the prevention, control and compliance of the risks associated with Legionella bacteria in line with the Governments Health and Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice (HSE ACOP L8).

Our capable and experienced team ensure that health risks are fully managed and that that the level of any contaminants remain below the legally acceptable levels. The risk from Legionella in water systems is greatly reduced if regular monitoring and testing is carried out as part of the Legionella risk management programme.

What our team does for you

We monitor Legionella and keep records of every test made.

We inspect all water tanks and make recommendations for refurbishment if necessary.

We make dedicated check on shower cleaning as Legionella is spread more through micro shower heads than taps.

We monitor pH and Temperature

We check for suspended solids and test for water hardness, chloride and chemical Levels.

We can take water samples for Microbiological Analysis to be undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

And finally we ensure that your company complies with current water regulations and code of practice.

Peace of mind in pre-planned testing and monitoring

We hope that having read the above you may take steps to contact us at C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, to arrange for a meeting to discuss our package of pre-planned testing and monitoring of your water system. Doing that will ensure your peace of mind. Our team our fully qualified, and each has their own certificate of training. Colin Searle, Luke Searle, Andy Jacobs, Richard Collings, Rob Court.

Disturbance to normal business?

In cases such as this disturbance is minimal, but should you wish zero disturbance you have the option of requesting the work to be carried out in the evenings or at weekends and perhaps we could help with some other essential maintenance at the same time, air conditioning servicing for example. It might be an idea to make it part of your pre-planned maintenance.