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Tile Replacement

Our handymen have seen and attended to lots of repairs over the years in London. This can include tile hanging and the repair of walls with broken tiles and tiles that have fallen off. Our C-S-M handyman will be able to cut out the affected area and make good, carrying out localised repairs and decorations.

Roof tile replacement

Our handyman teams are happy enough to replace broken or damaged roof tiles on up to 2 storey buildings, but it would be advisable to call us for a free visit and quotation because there are degrees of difficulty in jobs such as these.

When one thinks of roof tiles, the old blue slate ones automatically spring to mind, but in different areas at different times all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials have been used.

Nothing so easy, but thinking that is completely wrong, so that is why we need to visit and take a peek. There are, for existence, clay roof tiles with a “Spanish” look, clay tiles in “Tudor” style, mixed clay tiles, concrete tiles, all in a variety of colours and sizes.

Our handyperson or handyman is happy enough with all this and they can replace the broken tiles with new matching ones providing they are still in production. If that isn’t the case then you had better talk to our experienced tilers to draw on their experience.

Replaced Suspended ceiling tileSuspended ceiling tiles

We need to visit once more because it is important to establish whether your ceiling tiles sit on the narrow 15mm suspended ceiling grid, or the wider 24mm ceiling grid. Having done, that we can buy the tile to match, provided it is still in current production.

Alternatively if you have several areas with suspended ceilings, you could potentially re-do one complete area with new ceiling tiles and use the old existing ceiling tiles as a donor for the rest of the building.

That isn’t as daft as it sounds really because if you picture an old ceiling with just one or two new tiles in then they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Whatever you decide our experienced handymen will be with you to ensure a perfect job.

Ceramic tiles

Replacing ceramic tiles is a tad more difficult than ceiling ones, but there is nothing that our expert handyman teams cannot handle. Again though, getting an exact match comes down to whether they are currently in production, or whether some company is holding old stock.

Your office probably has a kitchen with a tiled riser from the work top. These are normally ceramic tiles and we often find that one or more will pop out, especially the ones nearest the kettle! Again, situations like this are easily fixed by one of our teams.

Replacing reception area floor tiles.Carpet tile repairs

We have known some reception areas with large expanses of tiled flooring of the “stick down “ variety, and if you look closely you can see where the main foot traffic has been. We have often been asked to replace these, and once more, we can do this quite easily providing we can get a match.

Parquet floor tiles

Usually we find that it is just the odd one or two parquet floor tiles which has become unglued. To fix this we use the old tried and tested method of cleaning the old tile, treating the surface underneath, apply the correct glue and pop the tile back in.

Will replacing any tiles disrupt the working day?

Most probably yes to a certain degree, though we can cordon off any floor areas if there is sufficient room. As for the rest it is really a matter between yourself and the handyman team. If you and they think the disruption would be too much then you can request that they do the work outside of normal hours. Building Maintenance in London is completed in style by C|S|M.