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Add a tea and coffee point to your London office

Surely no office would be complete without a tea and coffee point? Staff have need of a break now and then, especially those whose job it is to be glued to a PC screen for most of the day. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

Tea Point after London office fit outWe often abuse our eyes in this way without realising until we are much older, so give those eyes a break for a few minutes every hour and ask your boss to contact us at C|S|M to discuss this most vital addition to your company – the beloved Tea Point.

Our company has vast experience of building Tea Points in offices to ensure that staff remain motivated, fed and watered, and C|S|M can assist with the design, build and servicing of Tea Points whatever the size of your office.

Your company might already have a tea and coffee point – downstairs – but what about the staff on the higher levels? Do they have to clamber up and down several flights of stairs in order to make a cuppa? We believe that is a time consuming and wasteful enterprise when all your company really needs is a tiny little area with the necessary facilities installed in it.

An electric point or two would be good. Add a small sink, a cupboard or two, a few tiles to brighten it up and we are nearly there. Of course there is more to it than that because you have quite a few different options you may wish to discuss with us – things like:

  1. Do you want to go for a standard or a bespoke one with either traditional or contemporary designs?
  2. We can offer you a choice of materials from wood veneers, MFC and laminates.
  3. How about a nice fridge to keep things cool?
  4. Some stylish taps to remind you of home?
  5. Probably a couple of recycle points to keep you “Green?”
  6. A microwave is an absolute must
  7. Lockable storage facilities – make sure the milk is kept safe
  8. We suggest having an instant hot water boiler which provides boiling, filtered water at the touch of a button. These are very handy as there is no energy wasted boiling more water than needed, no cluttered worktops and no trailing leads.
  9. Possibly a dishwasher would come in handy?

10. The kitchen floor covering needs to be non-slip to prevent slips and falls in the event of water being spilt.

11. Air Extraction for kitchens is essential to remove the smells from the area.

12. And finally some heat and smoke sensors within the ceiling are essential as well.

We can help you with all of the above just as we have done for many other companies throughout London. Just give us a call and we will pop round to discuss.

Tea Point after Office refurbishment in LondonWill any of this cause disruption to our normal working day?

There will be some disruption as our workmen will naturally cause some noise, but if you think it will be too much for your workforce then we can offer you the option of having the work carried out in the evenings and weekends. C|S|M Maintenance Contractors in London.


You know a tea point really is a nice addition to any Cat B fit out.