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Suspended ceilings/changes/spraying in London

From our client’s point of view suspended ceilings are infinitely easier to install than drywall, or commonly known as MF ceilings, with the most obvious benefit being a great saving of time and, therefore, company money. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

Suspended ceiling in office in LondonA suspended ceiling allows simple access to overhead mechanical systems, ducts, electrics, lots of dust and usually a whole array of wires. Normally a suspended ceiling comprises of a grid that supports 2 x 4ft or 2 x 2ft. panels.

C|S|M handymen are always available to replace or change a variety of ceiling tiles, but this replacement service does not just stop at tiles within a grid – we can cut out and repair small areas of plasterboard ceilings and make good afterwards.

So, if your latest renovation project includes a new ceiling, don't be overly concerned at the thought of overhead drywall work, because a suspended ceiling offers some real advantages over the permanent variety.

Firstly, all those ducts, pipes and cables hidden above a dropped ceiling remain accessible for repair or modification. And secondly, suspended ceilings are better sound barriers than drywall ceilings.

We submit that anything which can help bring costs down has to be looked at seriously, so the extra sound and heat insulation offered by panels must be a bonus.

Most of the time, we see damage to ceilings which are caused by poorly maintained fan coil units and air conditioning units which have damaged just a few panels. That being the case, we can match any tile that is currently in production through our network of suppliers.

Our maintenance teams arrive with access equipment which enables us to reach any normal office ceiling safely and effectively. We have replaced or changed hundreds of ceiling tiles throughout London as part of our handyman service.

In addition, C|S|M handymen are often asked to cut holes in tiles for new services to pass through in conjunction with other works taking place at the same time.

In short, we can either supply and fit new suspended ceilings to your choice of design, or replace a few panels as required providing the tiles are in current use.

Replaced Suspended ceiling tileWill there be any disturbance to normal working?

In a word, yes. However, our teams are fully aware of this so we suggest that you request the work is done outside of normal working hours, something which is second nature to our handymen.

Changing damaged tiles

We can pop in at relatively short notice (48 hours) should you have the odd ceiling tile requiring replacement. In this case disruption to normal working is minimal.

Most of the above applies to offices, but we have been involved in “shop floor” ceiling replacement, where there is a works or factory with a large floor area and high ceilings.

As heat rises it so follows that high ceilings are taking the heat from where the workforce need it – down at floor level.

To the teams at C|S|M this is another job similar to working on an office ceiling but in a much larger way. Our teams tackle jobs like this in their usual professional way, but in this case they will need some space to work – attaching angle to walls, wires to girders etc. so there could be some considerable disruption to your work schedule.

However, as above, you can request that this work is done in the evenings, weekends and holidays. Our teams sometimes work through the night.

Spray restoration for suspended ceilingsCeiling works

Suspended ceiling spray restoration was pioneered in the UK during the 1980’s but since then a lot has changed and the industry has grown rapidly, but it is without doubt the best way to refurbish a somewhat jaded suspended ceiling, and our teams carry out this process throughout London.

The process is an airless spray treatment specifically developed for the application of ceiling restoration coatings. Airless painting has been around for ages and we know that when it is being applied there is far less dust and fumes than there is with normal spray painting.

Suspended ceiling restoration paints are relatively inexpensive coatings that can be spray applied to any ceiling surface and associated grids without sticking tiles to grids, therefore, when the paint has dried you will still be able to access the space above.

All acoustics are maintained and subjected to the Class O Fire Rating Part 6&7, and our teams only use acoustic ceiling restoration coatings which are water-based and environmentally friendly – virtually odourless whilst the process is being carried out.

Advantages of spray painting suspended ceilings

We use waterbased materials which are virtually odourless

No dust during the application

Fast drying

Acoustic qualities & fire rating of the original tiles is retained

Materials used form a non-bridging finish to the existing tiles and grid

The room(s) can be re-occupied after the paint is dry and the masking removed.

Water based and virtually odourless, our suspended ceiling spraying process is ideal for application in occupied offices and trading retail stores as areas can be re-occupied immediately upon completion.

Our C|S|M team use these modern water based products and will recoat your ceiling after hours or during weekends so as not to interfere with trading. Unfortunately this type of work cannot be completed in our regular handyman days.

All ceiling fixings are fully masked off before ceiling spraying, and you may rest assured we will leave your working environment clean and tidy for your next business day.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then please call C|S|M,  Office building maintenance contractors in London and give us a try!