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Supply & fit HDMI leads in London

Our teams of handyman experts are well used to supplying and fitting HDMI leads in companies all over the Capital so they look upon work such as this second nature, but just in case you call this by another name HDMI in fact stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables can be fitted as part of a Handyman day.

HDMI Cable in officesVery briefly, HDMI is a connector that allows you to connect a piece of high-definition equipment, such as a Sky+HD box or a Blu-Ray player to an HD-Ready TV set, and really, really these like many other electrical appliances, need to be fitted by someone with experience or you could find yourself having a hair raising experience.

Of course nothing is quite that simple as we well know because we are often asked to fit all kinds of leads from point A to point B when point B is some way off in another room, so it is rarely as simple as plugging one lead into a point a mere metre away, in fact we often have to carry out this work during additional floor box moves or floor box re-locations. Basic installations though often benefit from having the HDMI leads being fitted through stud walls.

HDMI leads can be of any length from 0.5 metres to 50 metres, in fact, virtually any length you require. However, there are different qualities of lead starting at cheap right up to some costing hundreds of pounds. Our team of experts will advise you about this and, no, we do not just pick the most expensive.

We do, however, provide advice on the length and quality because it is important to be aware that if you use a very long HDMI lead, you may start getting Long office HDMI cablesigns of interference – a “snowy” screen as leads over 10 metres are prone to picking up interference from mains electricity, so if you need to go over 10 metres, you certainly need to use a high-quality cable that’s well shielded.

Will fitting HDMI leads cause any disturbance?

That is a good question which can only be answered with a “maybe.” It all depends on the size of the job and the number of our staff needed for it. There has to be some disturbance given the very nature of the job, but you always have the option of having this work done out of normal hours – evenings, weekends, holiday periods – our fitting team and our regular handymen, maintenance contractors in London will work to your schedule, proving what a great building maintenance company we are.