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Sliding folding walls

C|S|M provide and install all types of office partitions from the classic, fireproof partition walls to modern glass office partitioning. C|S|M can achieve your vision with our tried and tested solutions by offering solid partitioning in terms of Metal Stud, Drywall and Composite partitioning. We can also offer you bespoke sliding folding walls.

That is all fine and dandy but the marketplace is jam packed full with different types of folding sliding walls and a plethora of designs & fabrics for a myriad of different purposes, all of which pose a problem for the buyer in terms of “What do I choose?”

All this comes under what we term in the trade as Space Management, and our experts at C|S|M can help you with everything from planning to manufacture to fitting. All we ask you to do is to make the choices. These type of office alterations are completed by C|S|M on a regular basis

Space management

As we supply and fit sliding folding walls & partitions in London we know and appreciate that the cost and availability of space in the city becomes higher year on year, so with that in mind we recognise that you may need to make the space you have work harder for you than ever before.

When we talk of supplying folding and sliding partitions, doors and the like we offer the best quality units to suit your budget, and to this end we suggest that you give us a call so that one of our team can pay you a (free) visit to fully discuss your requirements.

For example, there are sophisticated acoustic movable wall systems which can be used to divide an exhibition hall, vinyl concertina partitions which can provide an economic solution for schools and larger rooms, indeed, we supply a wide range of sliding folding partitions and movable walls for virtually any building and any use.

Types of sliding walls


Well firstly, there are what we call straight sliding folding walls which are superb for large scale openings and which can be packed back into a pocket in seconds, thus the leaving maximum space open. This type is a doddle to operate and, using the same profile, can be made acoustic too should you wish it so.

With this type of wall you can specify any size or shape of vision panel, and of course, any colour.

Zig Zag

The Zig Zag models are another option and they can create the ideal room-dividing option where there are structural constraints.

With these all the weight is taken on the floor so avoiding any potentially disruptive and expensive structural alterations.

Almost any space planning may be achieved when using a ZigZag sliding-folding wall, utilising side-opening or centre-opening panels to one or both sides of the opening.

All of the Zig Zag models can incorporate an integral pass door.

Concertina Partitions

The concertina folding sliding walls are normally made of vinyl and offer a lightweight and cost-effective moving wall which is ideal for dividing space where sound transfer is not an issue.

These are most suitable for schools, nurseries, clinics, gymnasiums, meeting halls and closing off store rooms.

Floating Panels

The floating or gliding folding panel partitions are available in pretty well any finish from drywipe, painted glass and decorative acrylic or even Perspex through to sound-absorbent materials, laminates, and many other choices to suit your style and requirements.

Floating panels are also called mobile panels which are versatile and extremely good looking. They provide a mobile panel system that slides into place in seconds, anywhere you want it, and allowing you to totally transform your office space and create a contemporary, flexible environment that’s perfect for activity-based working.

There are other types as well but far too many to be mentioned here, so what we suggest is that you call C|S|M for one of our experts to give you a (free) site visit so that your requirements can be discussed more fully.

Bespoke partitioning

C|S|M can supply and fit virtually any type of partitioning and our technicians can design and manufacture any bespoke or non-standard items to make your office, meeting room, sales room or vestibule unique. Again, we strongly suggest that you discuss this with one of our team who will willingly pay you a visit.

Our bespoke products also run to fireproof solid wall partitions and also glass partitions and walls with a choice of single or double glazing.

Pease feel free to call us for a quotation and a free site visit.

What about disruption to the normal working day?

Even though our team are experts in their various trades we recognise that in cases such as these mentioned above that there is bound to be a certain amount of disruption to your normal working day. One way of avoiding this is to request that the work is carried out in the evenings and at weekends – something our workforce does on a regular basis.