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Replacement doors/ fire doors/ new ironmongery

C|S|M have a dedicated team of expert fitters who supply all kinds of doors for companies in London. There is a huge range of door types, styles, fittings, finishes and ironmongery to choose from so if you say, “I want a replacement office door” then Yes, we can supply you and we can offer a baffling array of varieties from timber veneers and wood grain effect foils, glazed, unglazed, composite, slimline, mobility and interior/exterior fire doors. These type of office alterations are completed by C|S|M on a regular basis.

Door fixing, changing in London officeC|S|M can regularly supply standard internal and external office, hospital, dental, educational, retail and restaurant doors.

We suggest the best option would be for one of our team to pay you a (free) site visit to discuss your requirements more fully.

A little about Commercial Fire Doors

All dedicated fire doors, other than those to locked cupboards and service ducts, should be fitted with fire door closers. To be effective these must be capable of closing the door from any angle of opening and should be strong enough to overcome the resistance of any latch or sealing system.

They should conform to BS EN 1154:1997 Building Hardware – Controlled Door Closing Devices.

Door closing devices fitted to fire-resisting doors are required to perform one of two functions, dependent on whether or not a latch is fitted to the door. These functions are considered “essential” in terms of the ability of the doorset to achieve its intended fire resistance rating, and all ironmongery should be of EN standard.

We can help ensure that your premises confirms to these fire standards. 

Can we re-use the old frame when replacing a Fire Door?

That is a very pertinent question, and like so many others it leads to a grey area in law as the practice of ‘knocking up’ a door frame on site or in a workshop, hanging a door and believing that the result constituted a valid fire door installation, once thought to be OK, has in fact never been correct.

Therefore, door frames should be purchased from the door manufacture, or from a company licensed to manufacture them or via an Approved Fire Door Centre.

Re the above: Much depends on the makeup of the old frame so our best advice is to consult one of our experts who will inspect and give you a verdict on this.

You should check the suitability of different woods available. Some timber types for use as door frames are unsuitable – Ash for example, so we strongly recommend you check with the manufacturer from where the old door and frame were sourced originally, or discuss with one of our team who can tell you.

However, below is some information on fire door quality to conform to all legal requirements:-

Quality of Fire Doors

For 60 minute fire doors - The frames should be made of hardwood with a density greater than 650 kg/m3

For 30 minute fire doors – The frames or linings can be made of softwood, with a minimum density of 450 kg/m3 - or to match the density and frame dimensions given in the manufacturers’ installation instructions.

C|S|M Fire Doors give you peace of mind

If you have a replacement fire door, or any other door type supplied and fitted by ourselves then you may rest assured that both the door and framework will comply with all relevant up to date legislation. Our team is fully conversant with all relevant legislation and we hope this will give you peace of mind should you opt for a new door.

Will any work done interfere with normal working?

We have to say that there may well be some disruption to normal working though once more we suggest you liaise with one of our team about this. If you think that the noise and disturbance will be too much for your workforce you have the option of having the work carried out in the evenings and at weekends.

Door ironmongery, door furniture

Just as there are a huge amount of different door types on the market so there are as many, if not more, various types of door furniture or ironmongery. The choice is literally huge in this area and just to give you an example there are door handles in:

Brass, stainless steel, base metal, aluminum and nickel, and added to that are the various finishes you can opt for: satin nickel, satin anodised aluminum, chrome and polished nickel, to name just a few.

Hinges and locks are just as varied so again we suggest you discuss this with one of the C|S|M experts who will be able to guide you through the maze of everything applying to doors and door furniture.