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Professional re lamping and light maintenance in London

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, provide handyman services throughout the London area to deal with any and all the re lamping and light maintenance issues which most companies face from time to time.

Our service entails using professionally qualified and experienced electrical engineers who not only do the work you require but who more often than not can spot areas where your company can save money by using more energy efficient units or by recommending ideas for energy saving lighting solutions.

Handyman relamping So what exactly is re lamping?

Re lamping is a service used in virtually every sector of industry and wherever people work, to ensure their lighting is of a high enough standard for the employees. Our electrical engineers will quickly identify areas where lighting needs to be replaced or re-sited for the best effect to ensure optimal light per kilowatt, and of course, if replacement is necessary they will do their best to replace units in the same colour scheme.

Most businesses requiring re lamping services fall into the following groups:  stores, showrooms, supermarkets, hotels, healthcare, dental, restaurants, schools, offices, warehouses and factories as well as smaller companies who have difficulty in doing the work themselves.

Our teams have access to local and national accounts to track down the lamp styles and our C|S|M handymen often re-lamp an entire work place – providing continuity of colour and life expectancy.  Our teams come with their own access equipment to reach standard height ceilings and light fittings. We have re-lamped and replaced lamps all over London whilst carrying out our handyman works.

Our teams routinely check for broken or damaged lamp holders - cracked lamp holders are often responsible for lighting faults.Re lamping photo central

Most lighting and maintenance firms routinely handle such paperwork for ballast and lamp warranties, and it may be helpful for the electrical team to set up and maintain a lamp/ballast database for your company. Knowing the location, specifications and last installation date of every lamp and ballast is an extremely helpful method of cutting down occasional spot re lamping time while helping future upgrades by having an efficient knowledge base.  Any subsequent blow outs can be checked against the database to check on whether it/they are still under a manufacturer’s warranty.

There are various types of re lamping - This video below demonstrates one method that can be used with a modular system.


The benefits of re lamping

Re lamping may seem like a time consuming task, but the benefits in terms of both workforce motivation and cost saving, if implemented as part of a pre planned maintenance schedule, can provide significant benefits. Ensuring the LUX level is correct for your workforce will assist in their productivity rates and ensure the ergonomic environment around their desks is suitable, which is all part of ensuring a happy team. By pre planning your re lamping you are less likely to be affected by light ‘blowing out’ and therefore will ensure that your business can continue to function as normal.

Considering pre planned maintenance in terms of lamping can be achieved in the following ways:

Long lamp relampingGroup re lamping

Group re lamping is an important aspect of lighting management and maintenance. Group re lamping is a structured, scheduled re lamping service where, after calculating the average lifespan and output of the lamps in question then all the lamps in a given area or group are replaced at a scheduled time. This carries on at pre-planned times until all the lights have been replaced.

Bulk re lamping

Bulk re lamping is usually undertaken during maintenance when it is deemed to be more economical to replace all the lamps/bulbs at the same time.  In certain circumstances it is most economical when specialist access equipment, such as a scissor lift or cherry picker is required e.g where there are high roofs or awkward angles to be negotiated. It applies also when a large number of units are not working. This is a management decision of course but very often managers believe in the adage, “Do it once, do it right.” The downside to this is whether the client has sufficient funds to carry out a bulk re lamping service.

Spot re lamping

Spot re lamping is basically where companies decide to replace lamps/bulbs piecemeal as they burn out. On the surface this is the most economical way but the downside lies in repeated labour costs – usually during the Autumn and Winter periods when lights are used more.

Can my staff still work during re lamping?Typical lamp for relamping

As spot re lamping is almost always an isolated repair it may be necessary to disrupt just one desk whilst the repair is carried out. Bulk and Group re lamping may cause more disruption but teams can work outside normal hours to effect repairs.

What shall I do if one of the light bulbs in our office has blown?

Contact C|S|M and take a photo of the light bulb that has blown and send it to us, that will help us to provide you with an estimate to replace the bulb, or perhaps you already have some spares on site? In which case you just need us to come out and help re lamp the light. Either way, we are here to assist you with any re lamping, pre planned maintenance, bulk re lamping and group re lamping needs.

C|S|M also offer a range of services from Air Conditioning to whiteboard hanging to regular handyman visits. Just a few of the many services we offer as a building maintenance company for any office alterations.

If you were to employ our regular handyman or handyperson service you could include light bulb checking and re lamping as part of their brief.