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Professional decoration

Professional decoration in London Decorators, good, professional decorators we mean, are virtually unobtainable in London – especially when you really need one! We liken them to good plumbers and electricians who can charge what they wish and work whatever hours they wish. This is because they always have a bulging order book and can pick and choose the work they do. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

Painting in LondonBut we at C|S|M can give you a far better deal than ringing round for just any old decorating firm, who may or may not offer a good job because we have a team of guys who put a professional finish to any decoration they take on, and a call to us will put you well on the way to achieving your goal of having a fresh décor in no time.

This doesn’t mean we can turn up next day with paint and rollers of course, but we are rather swift, as many companies we have worked for are aware.

With C|S|M’s high quality workmanship and attention to detail, you can rest assured you have picked the right company for the job. From an initial consultation, we will discuss with you your thoughts and requirements, and with our expert advice, we will produce a room second to none. From exclusive wallpaper to a couple of coats of emulsion, C|S|M can provide a service no matter what your requirements.

We provide high end painting and decorating services for offices, clinics, health establishments and general business in London

We guarantee the perfect finish, completed on time and with minimum hassle. Our painters and decorators in London are able to carry out all aspects of commercial redecorating and renovation in the most professional manner.

Our success is based on combining experienced, fully qualified commercial decorators and painters, rigorous quality control and flexible hours of working.

We can work with any type of materials you choose, using eco-paints with virtually no smell if that is what you need, and you have the choice of buying your own materials or leaving that to us.

As high quality decorators, our decorating team work to the very highest standards, indeed, all of our decorators are fully qualified and have experience working in a range of commercial properties.

No matter what your requirements are, we promise to work with the care and attention you would expect from professional decorators to meet all your needs in London.

Wall papering in LondonWall papering decoration?

Yes, the C|S|M team, maintenance contractors in London, are fully conversant with all types of wallpaper from:

Woodchip - Woodchip is a relatively inexpensive wallpaper consisting of small chips of wood on the finished side of a basic paper base.

Pulps - This about the cheapest type of patterned wallpaper available, it is just a pattern printed onto a basic paper and can be fragile when wet.

Washable - Washable wallpapers have a thin plastic transparent coating covering the pattern printed on to the base pulp paper.

Vinyl coated - Usually these consist of a pattern printed on to a thin skin of vinyl with a paper backing behind.

Vinyl - Tougher than vinyl coated wallpapers as the vinyl skin on the front of the base paper is thicker.

Anaglypta - Anaglypta (a trade name), but it has become common practice to use it as a generic name for plain embossed patterned papers.

Embossed - Quite similar to the above but with a coloured pattern as a decorative finish rather than the plain paper finish – this can normally be over painted if necessary.

Blown vinyl -Similar to embossed wallpaper but the finish is vinyl plastic which gives it a tough finish. Cannot be successfully over painted.

Flocks – These are one of the oldest types of wallpaper used and pattern consists of fibres which feel and look rather like velvet.

Hand printed - Hand-printing was the original way wallpapers were decorated using a large printing block covering the width of the wallpaper. Normally hand printed wallpapers come untrimmed and are not widely available off-the-shelf, but these can be enormously expensive because of the enormous amount of time which the process requires.


What about disruption to normal working?

That is a very good question and one which we can only partially answer at this stage. We have to say that more often than not your work place could be in turmoil, though there have been times when we were able to work in empty rooms. Probably the best idea would be to call us for a free site visit to your premises where all this and more can be discussed.

If the worst comes to the worst you always have the option of requesting your professional decoration work be done out of normal working hours. We may even by able to fit it into a regular handyman day.

 Whether it's a CAT A or CAT B refurbishment or Fit Out C|S|M can help you in terms of decoration in Offices in London