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Plumbing London

Plumbing for commercial premises in London is such a vast category we are going to break it down and deal with it in sections.

Under sink plumbingFirstly though, and this applies to businesses large and small throughout the Capital: we at C|S|M provide a pre-planned maintenance service for your premises which ensures pre-empted issues are dealt with before they arise.

This effectively results in effective management and the reduction of risks in an emergency. It also means no more frantic phone calls to try and locate a plumber and no massive call out fees, but if your business has ever suffered from a blocked toilet, a leaking pipe which is ready to burst, or any other plumbing problem then you will appreciate that our maintenance plan will give you peace of mind.

Pre-planned maintenance is especially handy in any case but especially where large and expensive equipment is involved, and boilers spring to mind here where, in a city such as London you could be waiting weeks for a qualified person to attend to the problem.

Compliance – Peace of mind

It is as well to mention here that all our staff who deal with anything to do with plumbing, lighting, heating, electricity or gas are all compliance tested so they can legally tackle any job in those areas, and many more besides of course.

Where we work

We work in virtually every London business sector which includes shops of all kinds, schools, hospitals, surgeries, offices, stores large and small, factories, in fact anywhere outside the domestic domain.

Plumbing in offices

We have teams of highly experienced plumbers and engineers who excel at dealing with blocked sinks, leaking pipework, dripping taps as well as your boiler and heating problems. Hopefully we can attend to the leak before any major damage is caused.

Plumbing in a new roomToilet plumbing

This is not at all as daunting to the expert as it may seem to the layman because the team would be starting from scratch which would allow them to place the pipework in the least intrusive manner – the fewer visible pipes there are the better.

For many years now some plumbers merchants have been selling plastic “idiot proof” piping and joints which just push together, rather than the old copper piping with joints which have to be heated and soldered into place, though we know that our fitters are fully qualified to use either.

Both types are very much in use and plumbers usually favour one or the other because they prefer to use it, not because one is better than the other.

Call in the experts

 When it comes to sorting out plumbing, electrics, heating or drainage problems, it is always best to call in the experts. Our tradesmen have been working with us for many years and they are all experienced and fully qualified to carry out any of your building maintenance work big or small. Some works may even be able to be completed on a regular handyman day. C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, provides a fast, reliable service, and whatever you need, we will work with you until you get the results that you want.