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Office moves

Our team at C|S|M has the expertise and flexibility to handle any and every aspect of your office move efficiently and with minimum downtime for your business. We have vast experience of project managing and conducting office moves, ensuring your business is up and running in the new location on day one. To minimise your downtime we would carefully plan the move of your business systems and complete the setup at the new office typically over a weekend so that come Monday morning it is business as usual. We can also help with any office alterations.

We provide a comprehensive office removals service throughout London which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, and we fully understand that moving office can be a complicated process, especially if you need to continue operating while the move is in progress.

So to make all this happen smoothly for you C|S|M will happily liaise with all third parties, including telecoms providers and data cabling companies to ensure a smooth relocation.

We offer more

We offer more than the usual office movers in that we provide specialist removal services for IT equipment, office furniture and archives, and can provide commercial storage to handle excess stock, furniture or equipment while you settle into your new premises.

Our time served and highly experienced moving team will oversee the entire move, from the planning and packing, throughout the actual move, until all your equipment is set up ready for your employees to get back to work.

We are committed

We are committed to delivering excellent service and value for money, and this includes limiting the amount of disruption to your office and staff.

If you call us to discuss your office move then one of our team will pay you a courtesy visit to your premises and arrange a survey. You can also take look at our handy office move checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

A guide to moving office

First of all we hope that you have taken the necessary legal advice in negotiating your new lease and been able to benefit from expert advice about the terms of the lease.

If you're a start-up business, a flexible lease will be ideal, but if you're confident enough to want a non-flexible lease, it may take longer to negotiate.

Finding the perfect office space can take a while, but once that is done and your new office satisfies all your working requirements you really need to ask yourself a few questions:-

Obviously you have chosen it because it is large enough for you and your employees now, but is there room for you to expand in the future if you need to? This is a very valid question for any up and coming company because if there is no room for expansion you could well be seeking to move again in the near future.

Is the security there good enough? We don’t mean just in your new premises but the surrounding area. Could your new position affect your Insurance?

How about the transport links and parking facilities?

Your employees will need to be able to get to work easily without paying hefty daily parking fees, and being able to offer convenient access to visiting clients is always a plus.

Has your new office got all the facilities you need in terms of power sockets, a usable kitchen, drinking water taps, male and female toilets and showers, air con and central heating etc? If not then we can help with this also.

Our Advice

If we at C|S|M have any advice to impart it would be regarding the planning of your prospective move. Planning can never be too detailed and if you plan for every eventuality then nothing can surprise you and you can be sure of a smooth office move. We say this because, the longer the move takes, the more it will cost your business, so planning is majorly important.