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Minor wall repairs, London

C|S|M cater for businesses throughout London for virtually every aspect of repair work from the largest jobs down to the smaller ones such as minor wall repairs. We have teams of handymen who are vastly experienced in every job to do with property and property maintenance in London who have seen and attended to lots of minor wall repairs over the years in London. This can be from damp which has been repaired to furniture puncturing stud walls or door closers / handles breaking walls. Our C|S|M handyman will be able to cut out the affected area and make good, carrying out localised repairs and decorations.

Minor decorationOn checking for local damage we have found that as well as dents caused by door handles and various other “dings” in wall surfaces, there are usually a few “popped nails.”

Popped nails are an all-too-common problem with drywall installation. The nails, which were originally set below the surface and concealed with joint compound, pop out enough to make a bump or even break the surface. This can look pretty unsightly and it is the bumps and dings like these that our handyman teams are thoroughly at home with.

They can repair pretty well every type of damage as well as making good afterwards, but here may lie a problem in that our team can find matching paint or wallpaper only if they are in current use. This needs to be discussed before our team starts work so that no one is in any doubt as to what the finished wall will look like.

We treat damp walls too

If you ever notice a musty smell and mould marks on the surface of the wall – it is more noticeable on painted or bare walls – then we bet you have a damp problem somewhere which is causing it.

Now penetrating damp problems are caused by defects in the building or plumbing system where water has been able to come into the property, so the mould marks we mentioned above are caused by this.

Similar marks can be found in kitchens where there is an excess of condensation, and that again can cause a similar problem over time.

Fixing a wallThis is where our handyman teams come into their own as they are fully conversant with every cause of damp, and the first thing they do is to establish the root cause of the problem which could be anything from a loose roof slate, a broken or blocked gutter or the condensation we mentioned earlier being trapped and causing damp patches.

Disturbance to the normal working day?

Well yes, in this instance we have to say that there will be some disturbance though no one can say how much until the root cause has been determined.

If the damp is bad then the affected wall may have to be stripped and dried out. Some plaster may need to be dug out and re-plastered, and then there is the finish to work on – paint or paper.

Our handyman teams with their experience are the ones most likely to say how long the repairs will take, so why don’t you give us a call? It may not be as long as you think with our talented building maintenance team.We may even be able to fit it in a handyman day.