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Lighting installation/ moves/reprogramming/ dimming

Your company could be losing a small fortune per month/per year in energy costs alone, and whether you are “Green” or not it is in your best interests to address this situation, or at least to let us at C|S|M do it for you. C|S|M offer this services amongst many other office alterations.

Handyman relampingIt is easy to just potter along with our present lighting systems and, after all, if it works why change things? Or in Aussie terminology, “If it ain’t broke don’t mend it?”

We fully understand that argument and we are certainly not here to try and persuade you to spend money unnecessarily, but we truly believe that it is worthwhile to spend some money in order to save more in the longer term.

So, one way to reduce the cost of operating an older lighting system is to replace it with a newer, more-efficient system. Another way is to upgrade existing, obsolete lighting systems with energy-efficient lamps, ballasts, fixtures and controls, especially in new buildings because of energy codes.

Both strategies, which C|S|M can provide, are designed to help lower energy use and save on utility costs. Does that sound good to you? Save money, have better and more efficient lighting, happier staff because they don’t have to deal with flickering bulbs or tubes – we are sure they would vote for the change, and we are sure that you will too when you realise what we can save you.

Dimming/ dimmable lights

It is always nice if you are able to control the brightness of a LED bulb and to do that you will need one that is dimmable.

There are masses of LED lights on the market and we are not getting into the costs of them here but the latest ones are so economical to run and they are dimmable so you can choose your light level.

To illustrate the above briefly, an 8w LED bulb = a normal 40w and a 9w = 60w so you can tell at a glance that if your premises were outfitted with these you would be saving lots of money which no doubt can be used for other projects.

Long lamp relampingThe downside to this?

If there is one, it lies in having your on/off switches changed to dimmable switches, something which our electricians can easily do for you if you give us a call.

Moving office/moving premises?

Again, this is something at which our electricians excel, and whatever your needs we have a team of experts who can. Obviously, this is a larger job than any we have discussed above but it is eminently doable and we suggest it would benefit you to call us and request a free site visit to your new premises to discuss the best and most economical way forward.

Disruption to normal working?

If you are moving office or moving premises full stop then there should be no disruption to speak of at all because any lighting work can be done before the move date.

For smaller jobs such as fitting switches and changing bulbs there may be some disruption but you are always at liberty to request the work be done outside normal hours – evenings and weekends or in a regular handyman day.

Finally, if you choose C|S|M to effect your lighting changes then we can assure you it will be undertaken in the most professional manner.