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Idea paint to write on

Wow! The guys who invented this stuff gave certainly know what a brainstorming office really needs – more space to exchange written ideas, and IdeaPaint brings a whole new meaning to “off the wall.” It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

So now, for some of us in go ahead companies it means that the good old fashioned Chalkboard and even the Whiteboard is not big enough for our needs – we need the whole wall to scribble on, not just a part of it!

Idea Paint takes dry erase to a new level, transforming office walls into interactive surfaces. This erasable paint accelerates innovation by getting people on their feet and working together in ways never before possible. C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, will happily paint any of your company’s walls to allow a new creative process to evolve.

Unlike the whiteboard this new concept is not a regular feature because when you’ve finished writing on your wall you just wipe it off with a soft cloth, and this is something which has already brought classrooms alive so can it do the same for your company? We believe so.

How is IdeaPaint applied?

Very simply, you give us a call and one or more of our team pops out to visit you to explain exactly what it’s all about. After that he or she will apply a coat of IdeaPaint to your wall(s) – let it cure and you’re good to go. That’s it in a nutshell.

Apply IdeaPaint to whatever surface and it turns that surface into a dry erase board. Some companies even coat the tea room fridge! (see below)

Once cured, users can write on it using standard dry erase markers, then wipe off what they’ve written using a soft cloth.

Areas which don’t take too kindly to IdeaPaint are textured plaster, brick, or other rough or porous surfaces, but apart from those, anything goes.

IdeaPaint was originally designed to be used on walls but its creators suggest that it could be applied to things like refrigerators, desk tops, lockers, or pretty much anywhere else where people want to make notes, leave messages for one another, or just generally doodle.

IdeaPaint is a breakthrough in communication

Forget Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, IdeaPaint is the new communication area for go ahead companies as it allows A to jot down an idea which B & C, his/her colleagues can pick up on and expand. Take it from there but “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. Treat your IdeaPainted wall as the little acorn and this time next year…… It's a great idea for your Cat B fit out.

What about disruption to normal working?

Applying IdeaPaint is swift, easy to apply, virtually odourless, and the application process is unintrusive, but having said that, you may not relish someone painting a wall whilst you are working, so if that is the case we can arrange for it to be done out of normal working hours. Please call for details. It might be something we could add to a regular handyman day.