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Hanging toilet roll holders, mirrors, coat hooks

At C-S-M we have seen it so often where a fit out has taken place and the very minor details have still not been completed. Our handymen are happy to fit mirrors, coat hooks, door stops, toilet roll holders etc. Throughout London our maintenance and handymen are able to source any of these items on a same day/next day/bespoke basis to ensure that your new office, or, the office in general functions as it should. If mirrors and items are large or unusual, like bespoke mirrors, our C-S-M small works team can provide costs for all of these items.

Hanging a mirrorIn their time our C|S|M handyman teams must have seen it all and pretty well done it all, and they have been called upon do such diverse things as fitting toilet roll holders, coat hooks and door stops in offices and toilet blocks.

Our guys take everything in their stride and have re-fitted toilet seats, fitted new taps, soap dispensers and virtually anything which keeps the modern office going. Our handyman teams at C|S|M are able to source any new part required for a job through our extensive network of trade contacts.

Offices and business in general need a handyman or handyperson, usually someone who has some experience of life, someone who has learned a trade and in the doing has become expert in other, allied jobs and trades. This more or less sums up the type of people who work in our handyman teams, experienced, dependable men who instinctively know what to do in any given situation.

We fit mirrors, some of which are very large and very expensive, so in cases like that our C|S|M handyman teams work in conjunction with our Small Works Team to get the job done quickly and safely.

We cater soley for businesses in London, so if you ever need a carpenter, odd job man or someone for general maintenance then we are the ones who can help you – we are a virtual one stop shop for general office and business maintenance, and we always clean up afterwards.

Hanging Toilet Roll holdersCall us for satisfaction

When you choose a handyman from all the hundreds of those listed in Yellow Pages, local Ads in papers or postcard Ads in shop windows do you know what you are going to get?

You may have some new flat pack furniture just arrived from the manufacturers – are you absolutely sure your man knows what he is taking on? Is it possible that he may get halfway through and find that he has taken on more than he can chew?

We know this has happened to others before, and we know also that taking on a job that someone else has half done is far more difficult that starting the whole thing from scratch.

We are well known in trade circles and we have an excellent reputation which our properly trained and experienced professionals keep up with every job they work on. Call us for a satisfactory building maintenance job every time. We would be able to complete these works in a Handyman day helping to keep the costs to a minimum.