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Glass partition/ moves/alterations/repairs

C|S|M provide all glass partitions for your office needs, these type of office alterations are completed by C|S|M on a regular basis

Glass partitioning installation in LondonHere at C|S|M we are ever helping business in whatever way we can, and we have found through experience that with a teeny bit of planning and possibly some suggestions from ourselves you can drive your office productivity forward by making one or two simple alterations.

For example: If you are refurbishing your existing office we can help you to make the most of your space by providing glass solutions for your working environment.

There are so many ways of doing this and to benefit fully from any additions or alterations you would need to discuss things with a member of our staff who would advise you how to make the best use of your space.

There are frameless single and double glazed glass partitions available as well as framed ones with the option of single or double glazing in addition to all these listed below:

Structural glass and glass canopies, fire rated glass walls and doors, glass splashbacks, manifestation graphic film & blinds, glass balustrades, glass & timber doors including automatic doors, freestanding glass screens and bespoke mirrors.     

C|S|M offers expert advice and guidance every step of the way giving you total peace of mind.

Thinking of office refurbishment?

You could do a lot worse than putting in some frameless glass partitions which, apart from their practical value, add style and a professional look to any office – we are not talking segregation here, merely emphasising the finish they offer to the look of an office and suggesting that employees are more productive when they have their own space.

Your ideas may include creating meeting rooms, additional offices or just divisions within your office, and these are all options which C|S|M can help you create easily and quickly through the installation of glass partitions. 

What’s more is that glass partitions are suitable for most offices and they come in a range of prices to suit all budgets too which makes them the ideal practical partitioning solution for all offices whilst providing a contemporary and modern feel whilst still allowing light to filter through.

Small Glass office fit out Thinking of a move?

You may even be contemplating a move in which case we can surely be of help, especially if we can meet with you in the new premises just before the move takes place so that we are able to get an exact idea of your plans and have everything ready for you when you eventually move in.

Here are some other things we may be able to help you with.

Fire rated glass partitions

C|S|M are also able to supply Fire Rated glass partitions and walls which are most suitable to a range of buildings such as these below:

Commercial offices
Retail outlets
Universities and schools
High specification residential
Government buildings Airport terminals
Museums, libraries, leisure facilities

Vinyl stickers to windows in LondonManifestation Graphic Film & Blinds

Visibility is a vital factor when adding glass to an office or any other building where employees and/or visitors may come into contact with it, and that is why glass manifestation is necessary on glass of certain sizes in certain locations.

There are potential hazards with large expanses of clear glass which often makes it difficult to detect, so glass manifestation is placed at strategic locations on the glass to make it much easier to see.

Glass manifestation is normally created from a frosted film which provides an acid etched effect, delivering a contemporary, stylish manifestation solution.

There is a range of standard designs are available which includes dots, squares etc. as well as fully bespoke, manifestation should that be more to your taste.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrade systems are normally available in four standard designs

Frameless glass railings
Semi framed glass railings
Framed glass railings
Cable railings

Each system is bespoke and manufactured to your exact dimensions, supplied to ensure a straight forward site installation. We ensure that all designs are manufactured to meet British and European legislation.

C|S|M have a team of experienced workmen adept at measuring and fitting these glass balustrades so please give us a call for a free site visit to your premises to discuss your objectives.

Glass, Timber & Automatic Doors

At C|S|M we pride ourselves on offering the ideal automatic door solution for all our customers, and that begins starting your design procedure right through to the finished installed product.

C|S|M have experts who can design and create an automatic door solution that meets your exact requirements, just as we can offer various automatic door openers, including automatic swing openers, automatic slide openers and automatic telescopic openers to suit all areas and applications.

Small Glass Office in London businessCommercial freestanding glass partition screens

We are also able to offer a range of freestanding glass partition screens which allows an increase in privacy and at the same time help to reduce noise levels in busy office environments.

Glass partition screens come in a variety of sizes, heights and widths, with or without castors, but it may be best to liaise with one of our team to discuss your exact requirements.

Will we disturb your working day?

Well we try our best not to but there are times when we just cannot help making a little noise with workmen moving about in your office space. If this is a major concern we suggest that you request any work being carried out to be done outside of normal working hours. Our teams are well used to that.