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Furniture dismantling/ rubbish removal

We are often asked to dismantle and move items of furniture for our clients in London, so long ago we set up a dedicated team of experts in this field to take on this type of work. “Experts you may ask? Why do you need experts for that?” Well yes we do as there’s much more to this than meets the eye if you want the job done properly, and we are always conscious of the fact that it is your furniture and, therefore, your money at stake so neither party wants any damage.

Furniture dismantlingOf course we have damage insurance but that isn’t the point because some furniture we are asked to dismantle and move is delicate, some of it antique and all of it cherished by the owners who would far rather have their furniture looked after properly than collect a pittance for a bundle of broken sticks.

We dismantle and remove objects form companies all over the Capital and we use the proper equipment to do so, especially when moving large articles which cannot easily be taken apart. We have moved literally hundreds of desks from site to site or department to department, as well as single items to full loads – all looked after carefully by our team of caring movers. These type of office alterations are completed by C|S|M on a regular basis

In London the maintenance and small works team often undertake furniture moves to assist clients who are re-locating or simply re-arranging the current layout. 

We generally limit our teams to standard desking arrangements rather than complicated dealers desks and items with multiple integrated services.  In London, if your requirements are more complicated, then the C|S|M small works team can provide a cost, which captures all data and power requirements.


Commercial rubbish removal in London

Commercial rubbish is removed from your site via our vans which are licensed to carry waste, or we can arrange for the waste items to be disposed of via our network of waste collection agencies in London.

We don’t supply wheelie bins but we have various options to dispose of all forms of debris and waste, the perfect solution to lapses in service from your regular waste contractor, or lots of packaging from new furniture you’ve just received.

WEEE compliant

All waste collected or disposed of can be covered with a waste license note. Our handymen often have to comply with disposing of electrical items – ensuring we comply with the WEEE directives is a simple thing for all C|S|M handymen. 

Charitable disposal

We take note of the old adage, “One man’s rubbish may be another man’s treasure” – a term we understand was first used by a certain Hector Urquhart in the 1860’s, and it is particularly relevant to one area of our disposal of waste products whereby we recycle certain items such as old but good furniture via charities who can either sell it or put it to good use.

Obviously we keep all parties informed and we always seek approval to do this ahead of using this option. 

Rubbish Removal Fit OutWe stick to set collection times

Because of the lack of parking and strict parking regulations in London we have to adhere to strict times when it comes to picking up waste of any sort so we liaise with you beforehand to ensure the waste will be ready for collection at a given time and date.

In conclusion then, we can dismantle and professionally move any of your furniture and dispose of your rubbish on a one off or as a regular contract. Please call us to discuss either option.