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Furniture dismantling

C|S|M handymen are often asked to take apart furniture by our clients when they are planning to either move to other premises or moving furniture from department to department. We have professionals, who have dealt with many types and brands of furnishing over the years, who know exactly how to disassemble, transport and reassemble any interior piece you might need help with.

Furniture dismantlingWe have moved hundreds of desks and furniture units in the past and our C|S|M maintenance team and small works team often undertake furniture moves to assist clients who are re-locating or simply re-arranging the current layout. We keep the fittings until re assembly to avoid vital components being lost or damaged.

Once you've arranged for your service and specified your details, our specialists will come to your place of business in London and will expertly disassemble and pack your furniture before transporting it to your new address, help you place it in storage or move it to another department.

After all your furniture has been transported to your new place of business, it will be re-assembled in the way it was before it was taken apart and transported.

We generally limit our teams to standard desking arrangements rather than complicated dealers desks and items with multiple integrated services.

In London, if your requirements are more complicated, then the C|S|M small works team can provide a cost, which captures all data and power requirements.

We can supply all of your building maintenance needs in London. We often complete the furniture dismantling in a handyman/handyperson day.