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Localised & general flooring repairs in London

We have experienced teams of flooring repair specialists whose work includes re-fitting carpet tiles, or using your own if you have some, or of course we can supply and fit new tiles as required. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer and it can be performed in a Handyman day if required.

As a handyman team, we can carry out these simple repairs either with furniture in place or, as part of our team’s equipment we have access to furniture dollies and can shift furniture easily and quickly to remove and repair flooring.You may want to include this as part of a regular handyman service.

These tasks are easily achievable by the C|S|M handyman team throughout the city of London and are carried out with the minimum of fuss.

Carpet tile repairsCarpet tiles

Carpet tiles are probably the most used floor coverings; hard wearing, colourful, easy to clean and readily available they are especially used where foot traffic is high such as in hotels, offices, schools, nursing homes, student accommodation, hospitals, social housing, new builds and retail outlets.

But over time they wear as does everything else which is walked on daily by many office staff and visitors, so if the carpet tiles in your workplace are looking a tad jaded, visible tracks from desk to desk, from doorway to reception, the odd corner here and there curling, then we are the people to call.

We are able to supply and fit new carpet tiles, or if you have any left from your last fit then we can re-fit them piecemeal. Either way this is a fast and efficient operation by our fitting team, and your old tiles are disposed of safely.

Will this disturb the running of our office/reception area/showroom?

If you are just having the odd tile replaced here and there, disruption will be minimal, if at all. However, if your company decides to replace all the tiles in one room then yes, there will be disruption as desks and furniture need to be moved.

However, to avoid this happening our teams are happy to work outside normal hours to keep the wheels of industry turning. All furniture will be replaced exactly as it was before fitting takes place.

Safety flooring

At C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, we understand the importance of a safe working environment. The safety flooring brands we use are extremely hard wearing, non-slip, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. Our flooring is ideal for, but not limited to, nurseries, hospitals, universities, leisure facilities, kitchens, toilets, schools and the retail and care home sectors.

We have a vast array of different colours and styles of safety flooring by Altro and Polysafe at our disposal to suit all purposes as set out below:

*Safety flooring for kitchens, toilet areas and wetrooms

*For corridors and classrooms

* For healthcare areas as in hospitals, care homes and clinics

* For transport areas, loading/unloading, and general purpose safety flooring.

What about disruption?

Disruption is a distinct probability in most of the instances mentioned above, but our fitting teams are well used to this and are prepared to work outside normal hours to start and finish work such as this.

Bristol I2 Wooden Floor RepairsWooden flooring repairs

Wooden flooring usually looks nice but it is fragile and can easily be damaged by heavy objects being dropped on it, from scratching, water damage over a long period and they even suffer from coming into contact with hot objects.

However, nothing fazes our team of experienced workmen and they are able to overcome such damage by seamless patching or resurfacing, again with the minimum fuss and disturbance. If so required though, our teams are always happy to work outside normal hours to suit your business.

Squeaky flooring

Yes, our team can and will even see to small jobs such as squeaky flooring, something which drives some of us to despair. Squeaky floors aren't serious structural problems, but they can most certainly be annoying.

There are several ways of dealing with this irksome little problem, something which is made easier if there is no wall to wall carpeting, but even if there is our team can handle it with the minimum of disruption.

Repairing scratched wooden flooring

Scratches on wooden floors can be caused by virtually anything, from dragging heavy boxes across it to stiletto heel marks, and we all know that having scratches on that nice polished wooden floor is most annoying but again, this is not the end of the world and our flooring repair specialists can easily fix issues such as this.

Repairing wooden floorsRepairs to parquet flooring

Repairing damaged parquet flooring is probably the most difficult of all floor repair jobs, and the workforce dealing with parquet damage are the most experienced team of all because, ever though some people do their own DIY jobs they can never get the professional finish which comes from experience.

Repairing, sanding and sealing the parquet is a truly messy job but our teams are equipped with the latest dust collecting machinery, so at the end of a job you will hardly know they have been.

The other part of repairing parquet floors lies in replacing or re-sticking the odd block here and there. That poses no problems for our experts, and even if some new blocks are required they have the technology and equipment to match them to the existing floor.

Concrete flooring repairsRepairing concrete flooring

Yes, concrete floors exist, and more of them that many of us would think, so if your company has flaky or cracked concrete floors in any of your buildings then our team can handle the problem.

Concrete, as we know, hardens during the first 50 years of life, but after that it tends to deteriorate and this means that old buildings very often have floor problems which need to be addressed. Floor repairs in circumstances like this depend entirely on the state of the concrete.

All in all then, C|S|M floor repair teams can handle any situation and are well versed in keeping customers and their staff happy with the least possible ado. If you have a serious problem which needs to be addressed then our team can be with you given 48 hours notice. We might even be able to program it in as part of a regular handyman or handyperson day.

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