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Fan Coil unit servicing

On the surface it may appear that fan coil units are fairly basic things which have three major components to check at regular service intervals: the motor, the filter, and the coil itself. Of course there is more to it than that as every fan coil unit has its own unique operating environment, which may dictate a unique maintenance schedule, and this is why we strongly suggest that C|S|M be your company of choice for pre-planned maintenance of your units.

Ducts servicing in LondonMaintenance of fan coil units is just one of the comprehensive services C|S|M offers;

Preventative maintenance of fans, belts, coils and other parts

Dirt, dust and insect/vermin removal

Inspection of ventilation systems

Commercial kitchen and extractor cleaning

Full sanitisation of entire HVAC setups

Replacement of fan motors and bearings

Reporting on air quality

C|S|M’s extensive real life experience combined with a vast amount knowledge ensures that you will receive a quality service in terms of maintenance. It would be a good idea to consider this as part of your commercial maintenance plan.

Again, we recommend: A formal schedule of regular maintenance, and an individual unit log should be established and maintained in order to obtain the maximum performance and service life from each unit.

Coil Maintenance
Coils on most fan coil units can be cleaned by removing the motor/blower assemblies and brushing the entire face between fins with a stiff brush. Brushing should be followed by a thorough vacuuming.

It helps even more if the coil is cleaned by blowing air through the coil fins from the exiting air face. Please note that units with the proper type of air filters, replaced regularly, will require less frequent coil cleaning.

Fan Coil units in LondonFilter Maintenance

Throwaway filters: We log the times between each replacement, and always ensure the replacement filter is as specified by the factory.

Please note that we do not use pleated media or extended surface filters because the high air pressure drops encountered with these types of filters is often not compatible with fan coil units.

We also develop a maintenance schedule for factory installed permanent filters which require a different method of cleaning.

Drain Maintenance
Check the drain at the beginning of each cooling season to ensure that the drain trap and line are clear. If they’re clogged then we clear any debris so that condensate will flow easily.

Electrical Wiring and Controls

We always consult the wiring diagram attached to the unit for the type, plus the number of controls provided on each unit, and perform all electrical repair work in such a manner as to maintain the equipment in compliance with governing codes or ordinances, or testing agency listings.

Normal working downtime?

Of course there has to be some down time with maintenance of this sort but some of our clients overcome this by requesting the work is done out of normal working hours – evenings, weekends and holidays, which allows working to carry on as normal.

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