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Fabric Maintenance

We fully appreciate how time consuming the management of building and facilities maintenance can be. Also we know that the useful life of a building is determined by certain factors, one of which is maintenance of the fabric, vitally important in prolonging the life of a valuable business asset. This is precisely why C|S|M offers a range of bespoke fabric maintenance solutions allowing you to outsource your day-to-day fabric maintenance.

Wall RepairsThis service not only provides cost efficiencies through consolidation, but also saves you time in trying to source qualified, reliable trades people when required.

From general building maintenance, decoration and flooring through to, resurfacing, roofing, plumbing, brickwork and drainage, C|S|M work with you to ensure that no matter how large or small the requirement you can be assured of the best, cost effective solution.

C|S|M provide preventative maintenance

In the past we have worked on numerous building fabric improvement projects, which ranged from construction to major fit out works, to energy efficiency improvements through improving the thermal performance of buildings with improved glazing and insulation. In short, what we have done for these London companies is to save them money – and a great deal of heartache in wondering, “Have we got the right guys on this job?”

Well yes, you have where C|S|M is concerned as our fabric maintenance teams are the crème de la crème of tradesmen, qualified and vastly experienced workmen who can turn their hand to virtually any job and whose expertise as a team member is highly valued by his peers as well as his employers.

This then is an ideal time for you to enter into our Pre-Planned Maintenance scheme which means your company can benefit from significant savings in terms of not having to pay for reactive maintenance and even emergency issues.

No need then to call in so called “experts” to fix your pointing, paint window frames and a host of other niggling little jobs because C|S|M take care of all that in their PPM scheme.

Your company will also benefit from this scheme because the state of your buildings will be constantly monitored by our staff, and should they spot a potential problem it will immediately be brought to your notice.

Painting skirting boardsCompliance with pre-planned maintenance

Pre-planned maintenance helps to prevent future repairs and can assist in keeping your business premises compliant and as all our tradesmen are compliance tested you need have no concerns as to their abilities.

C|S|M will help to ensure that your business complies with current legislation and best practice, and we offer a comprehensive range of compliance services. We can help you interpret the regulations, and advise on the installation and testing of equipment and the environment.

All our engineers are highly trained, qualified professionals. To maintain the highest standards of service we undertake regular quality checks to ensure clients are met with punctual, polite, well presented and efficient engineers.

What services do we cover?

Well we can attend to any of your outside needs, leaks, drains, resurfacing, roofing, indeed, any problems which may occur. We are also adept in interior décor, flooring and many other aspects of maintenance.

We can save you so much hassle on all your building maintenance needs so why not give us a call?