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Flick testing, Dead testing, Emergency lighting compliance

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, provide a compliancy testing service for emergency lighting system installations, the testing being carried out by a competent contractor and a certificate issued to the owner/occupier of the premises with a copy to the enforcing authority. This is a mandatory legal requirement which concerns all emergency lighting and which includes flick testing and dead testing to ensure compliance and keep your business working within the law.

Emergency Lighting Flick tests or dead tests in LondonRegular servicing and periodic maintenance of emergency lighting systems is essential. The occupier/owner of a building must employ a competent person to supervise the servicing of the system. In most cases outside contractors are used to maintain the emergency lighting on behalf of the occupier/owner. C|S|M carry out these tests for a large number of companies.

Flick Test

Emergency lighting should be tested monthly with a "flick test" which is a momentary power interruption to show the lighting works under loss of power condition. C|S|M supply experienced qualified people to carry this out for you on a regular basis.

Batteries for emergency lights

Emergency lights and lighted emergency exit signs use batteries for powering the lamps. In order to insure continuous readiness and operation of the emergency lights, these batteries are rechargeable. Circuitry within the emergency light both charges the battery and insures that it stays charged. Batteries are either sealed lead-acid batteries (the same type used in cars or nickel-cadmium batteries

This is a part of the testing carried out by C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London

Dead testing

Dead testing is performed on the circuits when they are de-energized, and form the initial testing of the circuits. These tests will outline the insulation resistance of the new circuits, and the continuity of the ring circuits. It ensures that if there was no power to the building the emergency lighting would still work.

C|S|M offer all of these test types and would be more than happy to assist in ensuring your premises are compliant – please call us for a visit. We can also recommend the simple task of re lamping if it is required to keep you compliant.

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