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Door lock fixing, London

Our maintenance team are often asked to replace a like-for-like lock. Throughout London lots of small offices have broken locks with missing bits that simply don’t work. Our handymen can use our network of suppliers in London to try and match the lock, remove it and replace it with a new lock. If the door is locked shut, this can sometimes be opened with minimal damage. If the door is open but the key is missing a new barrel or lock can be sourced. If new suited locks or replacement locks throughout a premise are required the C-S-M small works team can supply a cost to carry out these works.

Door Lock FixingThe C|S|M small works team often work wonders on behalf of our clients who, just now and then lose or misplace their office keys, more often than not when the weather has turned bitterly cold and wet, and that is one good reason for them calling the C|S|M small works team.

Our teams who normally deal with lock problems usually need 48 hours notice to be able to attend but in emergencies like the above they will turn out as fast as they can.

What can go wrong with locks

Quite simply, anything at all!

Locks can seize up – and this is often the case when a particular door is little used so the lock itself becomes rusted and stiff to the point where it won’t lock or unlock. In that scenario you most probably need a new unit or barrel, and our team will do their utmost to find and fit a new lock which is in keeping with the old one.

Broken keys

It is surprising how many keys break off in their locks. This is a difficult task to repair so many people turn to our expert fitters to extract the cylinder and the offending key before replacing it.

That sounds easy but in reality quite a number of cases like this end up with new cylinders and with new keys as there are occasions when the cylinder has to be drilled out.

Serviced Offices also often need barrels replacing when a client leaves a room and a new client is taking on the room. C|S|M can quickly and efficiently replace these barrels ensuring maximum security for your clients at all times.

Door handles are another source of problems in the making, especially when they are so worn internally the handle jiggles about which makes them totally useless.

Broken Door Lock LondonDoor jambs can become damaged, strike plates become unaligned with the latch and all this adds up to lost working time and frustration for you but our team can fix any kind of lock problem.

We can repair both cylindrical and tubular locks; and we install door handles of types of brand, styles and features to match the old ones. Our handymen can use our network of suppliers in London to try and match the lock, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Whatever your doors are made from is all in a day’s work for our highly experienced fitters: wood or UPVC doors also have locks which we can open or replace.

What about disruption?

The only disruption to your day will be your need to get in and out of the door when the lock is being changed. It is a very quick process. There may well be some residual work for our expert to finish off after you are in but that will not affect the working day.