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Data cabling additional points

You may have a small office, or a large office, or even a data centre, any or all of which require a small quantity of additional data points. If that is the case then C|S|M are here to help with data cable installation and the additional points. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

We understand that your data cabling infrastructure is the backbone of all your IT networking requirements and as the pace of technology develops ever faster and more information needs to be transmitted, your network product selection needs to be capable of performing at the right level.

We tend to forget that network cabling carries vital information which is the lifeblood of your organisation, and the more information it carries the slower the whole system becomes, and that is the reason for your need to have additional data cabling points.

Bandwidth is ever increasing and reliance on the network is at an all time high, which eventually means that getting information to where it needs to be is becoming more of a challenge than ever before.

Indeed, should you do a straw poll of IT managers asking what their most common network problem is, most will cite cabling issues. And it is a fact that those same cabling problems, which account for over 50% of network problems, cost companies millions annually.

Common Cabling Problems

Low attenuation - the power loss caused by a coax cable is referred to as attenuation.

Poor delay skew – when data arrives at different times.

Impedance - A perfect Voltage Source VTh is one whose output does not drop under load.

Poor return loss - also known as "echo"

Splices in cables – one of the first things to check for

Poorly labelled cables are another major source of problems which are often difficult to find because they are in fact “labelled”.

Where we come into the equation

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who install anything from whole systems to just adding a few extra cable points. They test and calibrate everything they install to the latest standards (called certification) to ensure they do not leave any problems behind them – these guys are professionals who treat both small and large jobs in the same professional manner.

So if your company is seeking new data cabling throughout your premises or additional points to your existing structure then C|S|M is able to provide the solution.

Disturbance to normal working?

Well yes, because of the very nature of the job we have to say there could well be some disturbance in your workplace, and the time jobs of this sort take depends on several factors, one of which being the complexity of the work needed.

Possibly the best option for you in this instance is to request a free site visit to your premises where one of our technicians can advise you more fully. You then have the option of having the work carried out during weekends/evenings. for our clients that already have a regular handyman day, we would work around this day to work with you.