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Comms room validations London

One of the most important parts of the modern business is the Comms Room and the efficient running of it. Any business from a one man band with a ‘phone and a PC through to the massive multi-nationals are affected just the same – if the comms room is a mess you are dead in the water until you can employ a company to pop out and fix things.

Repairs and alterations to Comms rooms in LondonBut that in itself is a problem because you simply cannot get “a company” to pop out and fix things just like that, and especially not in London, so that is why we strongly suggest you contact us without delay because C|S|M can provide a service contract which includes pre-planned visits for your comms room power equipment making sure that your comms room systems continue operating correctly and efficiently 24/7.

We believe that our pre-planned maintenance, which includes validating air flow, generators and power supply, to be the best way forward for the health of your company whether your needs are within a major data centre or a small server room, the information held within the facility is business critical and it is essential that the right solution is found for your particular requirements.

Comms room cleaning

It can be said that data centres are the heart, backbone and brain of your company infrastructure, a critical environment which represents a large investment for most companies, an investment which needs to be protected from our environment. So it may come as a surprise to learn that industry research has concluded that up to 70% of data/server room related breakdowns are caused by dust, dirt and other debris.

Tiny speck of dust in the atmosphere can and do cause so many breakdowns that a team of specialists are required to performing deep cleaning to get things back on track and working again. It could be considered as part of your commercial maintenance plan.

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, have such a team. We also believe that we have the right solutions for your company comms room, so why not call C|S|M to arrange an initial visit while things are still working properly?

To ensure that comms rooms are kept cool it might be worth considering looking at your air conditioning? Perhaps C|S|M can provide you with a quote for extra air conditioning or an air conditioning service after all we are a company that offers full building maintenance.