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Comms room equipment & installation for London business

If the very thought of Comms rooms and all the equipment they entail is a frightening issue for you as it is for a great many people because it is so technical, then with a single call to us at C|S|M we can ease your mind and help with the smooth process of either an office relocation or replacing your existing comms room. This is something our technicians carry out on a regular basis and these highly trained and experienced operators know all the ins and outs of what is necessary and how to install it to best effect. Briefly then, we can assist with all your comms room needs.

Repairs and alterations to Comms rooms in LondonComms room design

If your comms room is to be a new one then we can work with you to design and install it, making sure that it has enough physical size to cope with future development of your company.

Our data centre solutions are tailored to your company’s needs, now and in the future as server rooms and data centres are expected to have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years so it is of great importance that our data centre solutions are designed with future proofing in mind whilst ensuring they are energy efficiency, reliable and resilient.

Though we appreciate that many buildings in London have little or no space to spare we take special care to site the comms room where none of its walls is an exterior wall of the building – if at all possible of course. The reason for this is that exterior walls can often be quite damp and can contain water pipes that could burst and damage the equipment. Avoiding exterior windows means avoiding a security risk and breakages too.

We also tend to avoid top floors and basements for similar reasons as roofs can leak and basements are always subject to flooding.

Comms room equipment

Your server room needs to have a cabinet for a start, something specifically designed to house all your company communication requirements in a single cabinet built to provide adequate ventilation, security and cable management.

C|S|M can supply and install that for you.

We can also supply and install Cat5e Flat RJ45 Patch Leads in blue, grey or black and from .05 metre to 15 metre lengths

Comms room maintenance

C|S|M have pre-planned maintenance programmes for comms rooms and any other technical issues your company may have, so it may well be something which could interest you. For instance; if your London comms room suffered an outage then just who would you call?

It would need to be a company whose expertise you were certain of, but how long would it take them to turn out in our Capital city – a day, 2days, a week? All that downtime means your company is losing big money, BUT if you join our pre-planned maintenance programme then your problems are solved before they raise their heads, and we are on the job in a trice.

Please call C|S|M about that and one of our experts will visit you (free) to discuss more fully.

Comms room air conditioning

Your comms room will need some sort of cooling and you may give a thought to air conditioning - a new air con type which reduces energy consumption. This new design will keep the room at a constant, even temperature compared to traditional DX air-conditioning units where the room temperature will rise and fall to suit the cooling size of the compressors.

Peace of mind

Whatever job we take on whether it is painting a small room to installing a comms room, we work on the basis that we will get it right the first time around. This ensures our clients are kept happy in the knowledge they are receiving 1st class workmanship from 1st class technicians. Add to that the pre-planned maintenance programmes we offer for various services like air conditioning and our clients sleep like babies all night long!