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Cat5E/ Cat 6/Cat6 shielded/ fibre testing

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, has a team of highly experienced technicians whose sole job is to ensure that all of your cables are in good working order, preventing any downtime for the business that a broken cable could cause. It is just one of the office alterations that C|S|M offer.

Our guys are experts in all things concerning Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre cabling installations which they both test and certify to the relevant standard. Of course you may not need extra fibre cabling but the ones you do have need to be tested to ensure your company runs at full speed.

You have to ask yourself the question,” can my business afford any downtime due to a lack of internet access?” C|S|M can help by testing these cables to ensure the likelihood of this is significantly reduced, and we do it with the absolute minimum disturbance to your day.

We believe that even in this growing age of wireless networking, there is often no substitution for the guaranteed reliability of structured cabling.

About structured cabling

You may know all about this topic but for those who do not we have made a few notes below which help to explain exactly what structured cabling is all about.

Cat5e - This is the most commonly used form of structured cabling and the most suitable for offices etc. Cat5E can provide connections of up to 100MBps and is suitable for use of distances up to 100m.This cabling is also the most commonly used to provide the links from the telephone system to the handsets.

Cat6 - Is becoming more common because it can provide far higher connection speeds up to 1000MBps. Cat6 is often used for the backbone linking the servers and switches, even if the connections to the desktop are still Cat5e, and it is suitable for use of distances up to 100m.

Shielded Cat 6 Cable

The need for shielded Cat6 cable is ever increasing where the environment in which the network cable is run has a large amount of EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference).

Fibre - Fibre optic cabling transmits data as a light wave which allows it to be used for far greater distances than either Cat5e or Cat6. It is most commonly used to extend networks into additional buildings. Shielding helps protect the data from any sort of electromagnetic interference from an outside source.

Fibre optic also permits you to provide numerous points via one cable, a cable that is not subject to the likes of lightning strikes as is the case with copper cabling.

Channel Testing

Channel testing completely cancels the channel connection but measures all of the patch cords' performance. When field testing, using this type of model on Category 6 cabling will avoid link model problems and increase the likelihood of passes.

And the likelihood of disruption in the workplace?

Testing is not terribly intrusive but there are times when the technicians have to scrabble about under desks and so forth. We suggest that you call us to request a free site visit to your premises where our expert will discuss all the options with you, including our team working outside of normal hours It's not a task that can fit in with our regular handyman days, but we can do it at the same time to help minimise disruption..