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Cable tidy solutions

At C-S-M we are often asked to simply tidy cables and objects, which have grown organically in the office environment. We are able to provide walk over protection, cable tidying with cable ties to keep them contained. We can also supply any simple non-technical way of keeping the working environment safe. As C-S-M handymen we carry this out in a variety of London locations.

Solutions for keeping your office cables safe and tidy

What are the long term possibilities if you have a desk with completely untidy cabling?

OK, the answer to that comes at the end of this paragraph where we tell of a check we made on an unsuspecting colleague (friend) who runs her own small business in London and has:

1 Telephone

1 Monitor

1 PC tower with 2 speakers + Skype

1 Router

1 Printer

Raised floor up for floor boxesWell, the above doesn’t seem to be much, but she had no less than 8 cables + the Skype cable + another from her tower for camera use, all coiled up and tangled together like a mini spaghetti junction – a virtual death trap in other words. So the answer to our own question is simple: she kept tripping over them, and the long term possibility of that could be a nasty fall for her or one of her visiting clients – it doesn’t bear thinking about!

It isn’t just the probable fall that doesn’t bear thinking about, it is all the legal complications that could well accompany it.

So when we think about this on a larger scale we can picture an office with 15 desks, each of which has space for four staff. If all their cabling was even remotely similar to our friends’ it would be complete chaos.

That is the most basic solution to tidying cables, but even other solutions are still not rocket science so we often suggest using coloured trunking into which our team feed your wires and take them to a central point – probably a floor mounted or desk mounted tidy box which would connect the wires from several desks.

Advantages of this?

It is designed to keep wires tidy and traceable so if one desk has a wiring problem we just follow the colour and find the fault.

Wall trunking in London OfficeWall mounted cable tidy

Desks are often situated next to walls, and that being the case it is not unusual to have the cables from one or two users going up that wall in trunking to the moveable ceiling tiles, and from there to wherever the electrician thinks best.

That is simple and looks good.

The same thing can be done using the floor as the medium for hiding the cables – take the cables to a floor mounted cable tidy box, and from there under the floor to a central point designated by the electrician.

Again, this is simplicity itself, and it is work best completed by professionals such as ours at C|S|M who abide by all the health & safety regs.

Will there be disruption when the work is carried out?

There could well be some disruption to your daily working life though we can’t really say how much until we have seen what’s to be done. However, you always have the option of requesting the work be done outside normal working hours – evenings, weekends etc. C|S|M are your Building Maintenance company in London.