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Fitting blinds, picture hanging in London

We are very often called upon to fit new blinds for our clients in their offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms and corridors. It is often the case that the old blinds have faded over time with sunlight, and as such they don’t show our clients in the best light, so to speak.

Blind HangingOf course we are acquainted with several reasons for a change of blinds, one of which is to portray the best image to your clients, and we feel that it is not a bad idea to show a nice clean façade to them as they pull into your visitor’s car park.

Who uses blinds?

In the business sector we find that most offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, dentists, chemists, retail outlets and workplaces wish to install blinds.

Blinds come in various types, shapes and colours, but we find most of our work is in fitting Venetian and roller blinds for offices and reception areas, most of which can be managed by one of our staff members, but there are occasions when two men are required – as when there is too much weight or too much of a stretch for one person, and of course, this is no problem at all.

Vertical or Horizontal?

That is the question - what you need from the blinds and what your windows need from you? The difference is in the name: vertical blinds feature vertical slats, while horizontal blinds have horizontal slats.

We may be stating the obvious here but it does change how the blinds function as described below:

With vertical blinds, the vinyl or fabric slats overlap. When closed, they accordion in on themselves and create a vertical stack. The slats are mounted on a sliding track and feature pull cord operation. You can also adjust the blinds by turning a rod, which lets in more light and gives you a better view out.

Blinds HungHowever, horizontal blinds have ladders which hold the slats in place, and when you pull on the cord, you can raise and lower them to the desired level. When raised, the slats form a horizontal stack at the top. Like the vertical blinds, you can tilt the rod to adjust the slats when they are lowered to allow in more light or adjust your view.

We must also consider one or two more points which may affect your decision whether you are contemplating new blinds or merely replacing the old ones.

Privacy: If this is an issue, then opt for horizontal blinds as they offer complete privacy when fully lowered. With vertical blinds, there is always the  risk that you could brush against the slats or the wind could blow them open and expose the view in.

Roller blinds are also another good option for complete privacy as a roller blind can completely block out a window or glass partition.

Large windows: Thanks to their light construction, vertical blinds are remarkably easy to operate. The weight of horizontal blinds, on the other hand, quickly adds up on wide windows. They’re difficult to open, and the extra bulk can cause them to raise and lower unevenly.

Picture HangingDifficult areas

We are often asked to fit blinds in areas which people may find rather daunting, but our fitting teams have come across all the difficult cases before so they are aware of all the problems areas such as these:

Fitting blinds to plasterboard

Fitting blinds to steel lintels

Fitting blinds to UPVC windows

Fitting blinds with an outside/inside recess

Fitting blinds in a recess

Picture Hanging

Making sure a picture is hung in the middle of the wall, at eye level and straight are all essential for our clients. Our C|S|M handymen use all the tricks of the trade to ensure that pictures are hung correctly and safely.

Disruption to normal working?

There should be very little disruption to your working day as blinds are normally fitted quickly and easily, though our work could disrupt one desk for up to an hour, but other than that it is fairly straightforward unless your company is replacing quite a few all at once.

Even then you always have the option of requesting the work is done outside normal working hours. Why not give us a call to discuss? Our building maintenance team could be with you quicker than you think.