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As built drawings/ CAD drawings /proposed layouts

CAD, or computer aided design, is using a computer system to help in the creation of a design, and CAD software is frequently used to increase the productivity of the designer as well as the quality of design. It improves communications through documentation and can create a database for manufacturing. CAD output is often in the form of electronic files for print, machining, or other manufacturing operations.

C|S|M can help to provide you with CAD drawings, proposed layouts and as built drawings for your small works projects. These Architectural drawings show the precise method of construction and the location of equipment and utilities. As-built drawings reflect any changes to the original plans.

This may sound rather technical for many of us but here at C|S|M we have a team of designers and engineers who can manage all this for you.

We have CAD drawing software which allows us to bring your drawings to life with powerful CAD drafting tools. Our expert design team also has a huge custom symbol library to give your drawings a professional finish and produce expert presentation ready results.

Our team can create:

Floor Plans

Landscape Layouts

Electrical Schematics

Mechanical Drawings

Block Diagrams

Facility Plans

Circuit Diagrams

And a great deal more. It will most likely be in your best interests to give us a call and arrange a free site visit to your premises to fully discuss your needs

Proposed layouts

Project Proposals are documents which you can present to potential sponsors or clients in order to receive funding or to seek approval of a project. They contain core information about your project and they are essential for your sponsors because they will use them to evaluate it.

A proposed layout is the key to whether those same people will or will not allocate funds for it.

So, it is vital that this document is drawn up and presented professionally, and that is precisely what our team at C|S|M can either help you with or do the whole thing for you.

What we are saying here is that you need to present that document ONCE and that means getting it right the first and only time.

Of course not all proposals are the same as they are not “one size fits all” documents, indeed, most of them are unique. That being the case we strongly suggest that you contact us and speak to one of our team who will no doubt suggest a free site visit to meet you and discuss the idea more fully.

As built drawings

As built drawings are normally the original design drawings which are revised to reflect any changes made in the field, for example: design changes issued by change order, component relocations required for coordination, rerouting of distribution systems, etc.

As built drawings are significant for several reasons in that they are a record from which future system changes and/or additions can be designed.

Any renovation projects in the future will be more efficient and less disruptive if the as built documents can be depended upon for critical information such as:

Pipe and duct routing and sizing

Terminal unit locations

Control system sensor locations

The as built drawings can be a valuable tool for the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) staff.

Any and all of the above can be handled professionally by our experts at C|S|M, so why not give us a call for one of our team to pop round and discuss your project.

We are available to help you throughout the whole of London.