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Aerial systems

We have a team of professionals here at C|S|M who can see to the installation and repair of your commercial aerial systems anywhere in London. Commercial systems at which we excel include IRS, MATV, IPTV, Sky TV, Digital Freeview, Freesat and more. We can also maintain them for you too as well as any foreign satellites you may have.

Keeping your aerial system running at its best may be a vital issue for your company, and if so, we strongly suggest you give us a call to discuss a pre-planned maintenance programme which would at least ensure regular checks and a fast turnout should there be damage due to high winds etc.

This makes a great deal of sense when you think about it because if your system developed a problem just where would you be able to find a suitable repair company in London at short notice?

Of course, if you joined our pre-planned maintenance programme we would be out to you like a shot!

As you can see, there are quite a few systems, and below we explain what the most popular ones are:-

IPTV or Internet Protocol television

From the point of view of the watcher then IPTV is quite simple and instead of receiving TV programmes as broadcast signals which enter your home from a rooftop antenna, satellite dish, or fibre-optic cable they are streamed, which means they are downloaded and played almost simultaneously through your Internet connection.

Of course, this is not the Internet connection you would normally have and which can handle between 1 and 10 Mbps or a million bits per second. The IPTV connection is a broadband line with 10 about times higher bandwidth or information carrying capacity.

IRS - Integrated reception system

This system uses one aerial or satellite array to broadcast multiple sources of signals to multiple receivers or outlets, and IRS supplies signals from terrestrial television, FM radio, digital audio broadcast, digital radio and satellite TV.

The users of IRS are many and varied but they are invariably used as a communal TV system for communal housing areas, Hotels, Prisons, Schools, Care homes and Student accommodation.

FIRS - Fibre Integrated Reception System

This was designed to be, and is, an innovative, non-disruptive and cost-effective solution to deliver high capacity, one-way broadcast, digital TV/radio to buildings, apartments, business or offices over a dedicated Fibre cable.

FIRS is useful in situations where individual aerials and satellite dishes are prohibited by lease agreements, or where there are restrictions on other means of reception.

This system is faster than IRS and is ideal for private landlords, commercial builders, local authorities or housing associations to provide clients with any combination of Sky, Sky HD, SKY 3D, Freesat, Freeview and radio services.

C|S|M employs a team of registered installers who are happy to make a (free) on site visit to your premises to discuss the best options and guide you through and possible pitfalls. They are also up to date with the latest planning regulations.

Disruption to normal working?

As most if not all the work in installing aerial systems is carried out at rooftop level there should not be any significant disruption to your normal working day.